Friday, 17 June 2022

Ral Partha Chaos Wars new Kickstarter - Wave 4 - a Tom Meier cornucopia!


For me Tom Meier is one of the sculpting Gods of the hobby. I picked up examples of his work when Ral Partha were first imported into the UK by Wargames Publications (Scotland) Ltd in the later 70's. His work is just about second to none and I hate to think of how many unpainted sculpts of his I have sat around the house... Jacob Fathbruckner has taken on the task of Ral Partha Legacy and it is a worthy one indeed. Take a look at what the Kickstarter has to offer, link below.

Beyond that you've got regiment sets, giants, dragons, siege weaponry and more... pop over and pledge as Jacob tells me all the funding is going into producing the miniatures and then into getting more produced. Greater love hath no man.

Saturday, 11 June 2022

An Introduction to Fantasy Wargames; Battle Magazine December 1977


A wonderful old memory I came across again when browsing through Battle mags. I think this was used separately by GW as a flyer? Great little article by Steve Jackson of Games Workshop,

I don't think Steve Jackson (or Games Workshop!) need any introduction of course. There is a fantastic looking book on the origins of Games Workshop coming out relatively soon. I backed it some time ago but it's not too late to pre-order;

(image borrowed of the site purely for illustrative purposes)

More later, keep safe.

Wednesday, 1 June 2022

The Vermin have arrived... almost...


A new race has entered Geründerland... the Vermin... up for discounted pre-order with a hopeful delivery mid June. Accompanied by a Soulslayer and a Liche, they can throw terror onto your tabletop... flee you fools!

This is a new venture for me instead of using Kickstarter which tends to be a little long winded, especially if it's just for a small release... every pun intended. The minis will go into general release later in the month but this does give the bonus of cheap figures!

Thursday, 26 May 2022

McEwan Miniatures, Starguard, Stan Johansen and the Baralizar!


 I got my first McEwan miniatures back in the later 70's when Games Workshop imported them... they were very much 25mm and proper scale as opposed to the exaggerated sculpts we were becoming used to. He had a great mix of minis and they have stood the test of time as still available once again today! Stan Johansen had a massive range of varied subjects including the original Space Marines... GW anyone? Rich Brown has set himself the awesome task of getting a lot of old ranges some new life. He is also stocking those pesky rabbits, the Baralizar, from my own Little Soldier Company and incorporating them into the Star Armor rules... He is currently building up the following lines; McEwan Minis, Fictioneers (including the 'not John Carter' Sitan Giants), Star Armor and WWII Allies & Axis. He has a plethora of other items up as well so go visit him...

Whilst Rich is getting everything set up and running, there are always the Lost Minis WIKI pages to peek at.

The few pics below are c/o Rich and used with his permission. Only a small selection, the first being the category listing from the website.

And a favourite of mine...

Not forgetting the Baralizar... it's great to have them more easily available overseas with the crazy postage prices we have these days for sending from the UK.

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Monday, 23 May 2022

New releases and Shadows of Centralis Tenoch stats!


The Tenoch have become Followers of the Eye... the Shadows of Centralis ruleset is now available. Have a look at their overview here on John's site;

The ruleset is available here;

The Little Soldier Company (that's me of course) has now released the Tenoch 'Earthshakers'... two versions, The Dead God and the Combat Platform... shown below amongst the upcoming resin buildings...

There's a new pike armed Tenoch as well, making two now available... painting WIP of course...

The triceratops is also available separately...

Noggin gets a new standard bearer...

Some new Politicos... jack in the box versions and a Dominic Cummings 'Domlum'

Not forgetting the mounted Nogbad and his crows...

And finally, Noggin's army.

That's all for now!

Saturday, 14 May 2022

Shadows of Centralis New Monthly Magazine: Issue #1


I just came across this great little new magazine, ostensibly to support the author's (John Wombat) game of the same name but full of interesting articles and interviews from some of the industries top sculptors. His website is a great read... what's not to love! Please pick up a copy as we need to encourage ventures like this.

The game itself is available from me at The Little Soldier Company...

I've copied over John's own introduction to the magazine;

Welcome, Orb dwellers, to the first issue of Shadows of Centralis Monthly Magazine. Including background stories, new scenarios, and all the latest news, as well as featuring hobby articles, reviews, exclusive interviews with personalities from the miniatures and wargaming worlds, and more, Shadows of Centralis Monthly Magazine is the essential companion for players of the Shadows of Centralis game.

In this month’s issue we will be taking a closer look at the Shadows of Centralis game, and the armies involved. In addition, this month’s Army Focus, which will be a regular feature of the magazine, has an in depth look at the diseased, T’Zor-worshipping Damned.

Discussing all things horror, another regular feature of Shadows of Centralis Monthly Magazine will be Horror Fiends. This month’s Horror Fiends focusses on one of our favourite writers, the creator of the Cthulhu Mythos, the architect of weirdness that is the wonderful H.P. Lovecraft.

In celebration of the book’s release, available exclusively from Lucid Eye Publications, a special Shadows of Centralis miniature has been created by sculpting legend Steve Saleh. We take a closer look at this wonderful model.

Since launching in 2019, having released more than thirty sets of models across a dozen ranges, Wargames Atlantic have already gained a reputation as a prolific manufacturer of superb 28mm hard plastic miniatures. Discussing the company’s foundations, head honcho Hudson Adams expands on Wargames Atlantic’s future plans.

Completing this month’s issue, laying down their tools and kindly taking time out of their busy schedules, sculptors Tim Prow and Trish Carden talk exclusively with Shadows of Centralis Monthly Magazine.


Shadows of Centralis Monthly Magazine

Shadows of Centralis: A Look at the Game

Exclusive Shadows of Centralis Miniature by Lucid Eye Publications

Diehard Miniatures: A Talk with Tim Prow

Shadows of Centralis: Armies Snapshot

Beast Master: Catching up with Trish Carden

Wargames Atlantic: Head Honcho Hudson Adams

Rome: And the Wars of the Middle Sea

Horror Fiends: H.P. Lovecraft

Army Focus: The Damned

Shadows of Centralis: Website

Model Manufacturers

John's website is below with lots more articles and interviews;

The physical magazine can be picked up off Amazon at the link below;

or you can also download a PDF over on his site;

More later!

Sunday, 1 May 2022

Bill Lamming, Neville Dickson, Donald Featherstone and more...


A hobby friend posted this Bill Lamming interview on one of the Facebook groups which got me looking my copy up. Hopefully high enough quality to read/ download. Battle Magazine was/is a great read and a fantastic resource to jump back into. I just picked up a wonderful pile of Wargamer's Newsletter along with another copy of Table Top Talk July 1966 and a very earlier copy of Wargames Terrain by Donald Sutherland.

I still have numerous Lamming figures... some of my earliest metal figures. I painted up some Romans and Vikings, half painted some later Landsknechts and got addicted to their separate heads and weapons. Don't forget that Lamming Miniatures are now back! Tell them I sent you...

Wargames Terrain... a rather threadbare copy but one I will cherish.

From Wargamer's Newsletter January 1968...

Neville Dickinson, Wargamer of the month!

Possibly the earliest Minifigs advert?

A letter from Neville...

Notts Wargame Association 1974 National Convention...

Some slightly later adverts from WN...

Dave Ryan at Caliver Books is slowly re-releasing all the Minifigs back catalogue. Top job that man.

Lots of the old Der Kriegspielers minis are available now from Michael Thomas over at Classic Miniatures;

A lovely gem of a pic, Frank Hinchliffe, Peter Beaton, Peter Gilder and Tony Sovill...

I spent a very enjoyable Saturday afternoon and early evening reading through the latest cache of publications. Hopefully I'll get more scanned at some point.

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