Sunday, 1 July 2018

Peter Firmin RIP.

It is with great regret I heard that Peter died today. He leaves behind his wife Joan and six daughters along with a multitude of people who have been enthralled by his work over the past 6 decades. Another great one gone.

So sad.

Tuesday, 26 June 2018

The Little Soldier Company website is now live!

Well, it's been a while but it's finally up there. 

The Noggin the Nog Kickstarter is currently being fulfilled and I'm prepping for the next one. At some point I'll get back to old school minis I promise. Divorce, redundancy and such like have occupied my life for the last 3 years but hopefully I'm getting there!

C&C in comments below please!

Friday, 15 June 2018

New Oldhammer style miniatures by Kev Adams - Tenoch (Aztec frogs)

Another project I've been getting along with has come to fruition......

Enhanced Warriors (human types)

EW1 Warrior with sword / shield
EW2 Warrior with axe / shield
EW3 Warrior with spear

Beast Riders

TB1 Warrior w.Spear / shield
TB2 Warrior w.Sword / shield


T1 Warrior w.Spear / shield
T2 Warrior w.Sword / shield
T3 Youngling Blowpipe 1
T4 Youngling Blowpipe 2
T5 Warrior Champion / shield / shield

Speciality Sets

SP1 Overlord on Palanquin

The general background......

The Tenoch came from the stars it was told. How else could they have appeared without legend or warning? They swam through the corridors of space it was said in vessels of fine glass. The Tenoch ate only the first born of virgin daughters of the priesthood we were told. The priests forbade us to talk of them and so we did. Often would I ponder the malice of these creatures, these web footed caricatures of the beasts of the Culhuacan swamps. I see you, you of the other side. I hear you, your feet make impressions on the water. I smell you, oh befouler of air. We move with swiftness, with caution, with breath held hard and pray to the Ikree that we reach your eggs. I see you, oh old one. You tremble not as your sight is impaired by the passage of time. You shudder though, as if the cold is weapon of its own. Do you hear us? You make no impression on the void. Now we take back our young. Now you feel the kiss of my obsidian. Is that pain that registers across your face, your strange, alien visage? No man shall partake of your flesh, no child shall fall again beneath your scythe. Now we take our children back. You do not stop us; your breath has ceased. Your sight is no more. A dull glow, perhaps a sign. We leave. The yolk of your eggs stain the temple floor. The centre once great, now lost to us. The children whimper beneath their new skulls. Your skulls. Your eggs. No more children for your slain. To take our children. We feast upon our own, not the flesh of your offspring. The children will change, we know. We have experience now. We have fear still but now we have knowledge of your ways. You Tenoch shall not this world inhabit for the aeons that our sisters have. With the knowledge of the Ikree we have you. Slowly shall we rejoice in the taking back of the lands of the Culhuacan. We dream the dream of the old ones once more. The old ones know you. Praise to the Ikree, may her womb be fertile once more. We shall send her rivers of bloods. The old ways for the old ones.

These are all by that sculpting God, Kev Adams.....

Currently £3 for foot, £6 for mounted and £20 for the Palanquin (a 4 piece kit that is not recommend for the uninitiated). They don't come with bases and the chain under the palanquin is not supplied. That was a very fiddly addition once I found some chains!

Email me if interested!

Monday, 11 June 2018

Noggin the Nog Kickstarter - close to posting!

Well, it's been a longer journey than I thought it would be however I hope everyone will be as happy with the finished product as I am! A few pics below including a character box I am doing for Nick Case' boardgame 'Tales of the Northlands' along with some new sculpts from 'The Flying Machine' set....

Shrinkwrapped and almost ready to fly.....

The 18 miniatures .....

The character box for the boardgame....

Labels arrived and boxing commences....

Four pieces from 'The Flying Machine'

Emir Ahmed el Ahmed, ruler of the land of Silver Sand

Haroun ibn Daud and his genie

The crown thief on his flying carpet......

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Growing up is all relative......isn't it?

As most will have realised by now, within my 56 year old frame there lies the mind of a 14 year old. Possibly younger. I have been a fan of science fiction and fantasy ever since my brother, God bless him, forced me to start reading the Eternal Champion series by Michael Moorcock. It was either Elric or Corum, I can't remember which, however I was hooked. My brother always tried to point out that Elric did not become an all powerful sorcerer-warrior without hard work but that sort of, well, fell on deaf ears. The sad, lonely character, doomed to an eternity of unrelenting sorrow appealed to me......shades of the future 'Twilight' series I suppose. Some years later I discovered John Carter and gave up trying to escape into reality. There have been a number of miniature lines that I try to keep abreast of (earlier blog post here). The recent movie was, to my own eyes, a great attempt at mixing fiction and budget (barring Woola and the baby Tharks of course). It missed the merchandising that I had been hoping for but I did discover this 'action man' style doll by the now defunct 'Triad Toys'. It needed to be mine but the price was outside my justifiable budget. Until recently when I found a bargain!

The official pics are better of course!

There was also a Tars Tarkas however I've not seen him for sale....

Maybe one day I'll find him.....

A recent Kickstarter  for a role playing game got me hooked of course although I didn't back the whole miniature range......I had to see sense as I have hundreds of suitable miniatures from Bronze Age Miniatures that are perfect. The owner, David Soderquist, is another of my favourite sculptors.

I pledged for this level....

And had to ignore this one....

Their Kickstarter video is below to give you an idea....

A final random image of yet to be sourced John Carter types....if you have any information please let me know.

Sunday, 6 May 2018

Tales of the Northlands - Noggin boardgame at last!

Nick Case' boardgame is now live on Kickstarter - the deluxe version uses a certain set of (soon to released once the Kickstarter is fulfilled) miniatures so well worth promoting!

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Jim FitzPatrick Official Collectible Miniature... Lucid Eye Publications......

Well, I couldn't of those miniatures by one of my favourite sculptors, Steve Saleh, that I immediately needed.....all pics borrowed off Steve's site.

The Jim FitzPatrick Official Collectible Miniature. For Gamers & Collectors. Exclusive Numbered Run. Earliest orders will receive a signed copy...............

Available for Pre Order Now - Shipping May 2018

Check out Jim FitzPatrick's own site....a lot of pics I'd never realised were his....

There's also The Red Book of The Elf King which I've unfortunately had to postpone due to spending everything on the forthcoming Noggin sculpts! Rules written by a certain Rick Priestley....

And of course there's always Gifty the wizard if you spend more than £50.....

Well worth a punt. Be careful though, it's very easy to get dragged into buying more..........I have loads of his Savage Core series........please tell Steve I sent you!