Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Old Ral Partha reissues on Kickstarter! Chaos Wars!

Iron Wind Metals have started another Kickstarter to reissue a lot of old Ral Partha classics alongside some new sculpts........I've been chatting to Jacob Fathbruckner of Iron Wind Metals about what is happening and they have plans for lots more reissues over time. So many Tom Meier classics and also some unreleased pieces occasionally! We really need to support this venture!

Kickstarter link here.

For more pictures of old Ral Partha you can check out the Lost Minis WIKI here. Iron Wind Metals themselves are here and Ral Partha Europe here. Tell them I sent you please!!

Thursday, 13 September 2018

Asgard Miniatures - Robots, 70s style!

Back in the 70s, Asgard Miniatures were one of the biggest little companies going in the fantasy field. They had a nice sci fi range as well, full of Trimotes, Inscrutable Orts, One-Eyed Glax and Mandiblex to name but a few! They had 3 robots as well, the 3rd of which I just found in one of my boxes.....heaven knows how long it's been there! I've uploaded pics onto the Lost Minis WIKI but thought it'd be nice for a bit of old school lead here.......X1 Cyborg War Machine was sculpted by Stan Pochron (thanks Mark!),  the other 2 were sculpted by either Bryan Ansell or Tony Ackland we think (if you know differently please let me know!). Excuse a couple of blurry hands are a little shaky these days.

X1 Cyborg War Machine

X2 Three-Arm Robot

X3 Hover Robot

If, like me, you love old school Asgard sculpts you could do with visiting Mark Stephenson's Facebook Asgard Miniatures Collectors page here. Also, if anyone has any information on Stan Pochron please get in touch! A little more information on Asgard's history here. Previous related posts here.

Tuesday, 11 September 2018

On this day back in 1959......Noggin the Nog and the BBC....

Hard to believe that Noggin the Nog first appeared on television almost 60 years ago.....

Nick Case' boardgame 'Tales of the Northlands, The sagas of Noggin the Nog' is currently rolling towards these shores and should be arriving in October. Really looking forward to it. Nick has created a wonderful piece of Nogculture that will be a welcome addition in this house! 

Suitable figures are of course available from The Little Soldier Company....

RIP both Oliver and Peter, you both live on in our thoughts.

Thursday, 6 September 2018

Starcast Miniatures.......Fantasia Myth, the 70's revisited.....

Well, I just picked up a small handful of the old babies. Sculpted by an Alan Newson around 1974, this is a perfect example of a small miniature company jumping in on that wonderful tidal wave of Dungeons & Dragons hitting the hobby like nothing else before. The sculpts are pretty basic even for the times however they have that certain 'je ne sais quois' that I love......they also had a line of micro spaceships however I have never seen examples of those........ Fortunately they come with the code inscribed under the base which led me to recognising what they were meant to be some years back....

The line was typical of the day.

Fantasia Myth

F1 Pixie
F2 Elf (*)
F3 Hobbit (*)
F4 Dwarf (*)
F5 Gnome (*)
F6 Goblin (*)
F7 Jester
F11 High Priest
F12 Wizard
F13 Devil's Disciple
F14 Enchantress
F15 Thief
F16 Troll
F17 Skeleton (*)
F18 Vampire
F19 Werewolf
F20 Armoured Hero (*)
F21 Unarmoured Hero (*)
F22 Orc (*)
F23 Large Wolf
F24 Minotaur
F25 Mummy
F26 Reptile Man
F27 Armoured Rider for Pegasus (*)
F28 Armoured Hero w. Backpack (*)
 F29 Unarmoured Hero w. Backpack (*)
F30 Musician w. lute
F31 Witch
F39 Slime Monster
F40 Pegasus
F41 Harpie
F42 Giant Bat
F43 Mule w. Baggage
F44 Black Panther
F50 Giant w. Club
F51 Hydra (Nine Headed Snake)
F52 Giant Scorpion
F53 Giant Spider
F60 Dragon w. Two Heads
"(*)" denotes separate weapon and shield.

And of course the obligatory dungeon furnishings line.....

FS1 Human Skull
FS2 Dragons Skull
FS3 Laden Feasting Table
FS4 High Backed Chair
FS5 Decorated Throne
FS6 Captive Cage (5 parts)
FS7 Coffin/Tomb
FS8 Seated Hero Unarmoured
FS9 Seated Wizard
FS10 Seated Monk
FS11 Seated Enchantress
FS12 Treasure Chest
FS13 Witches Cauldron

And separate weapons....

FW1 Small Round Shield
FW2 Large Round Shield
FW3 Heart Shaped Shield
FW4 Oblong Shield
FW10 Scimitar
FW11 Short Sword
FW12 Hand Axe w. Double Head
FW13 Pole Axe w. Double Head
FW14 Pick Axe
FW15 Double Handed Axe
FW16 Glaive
FW17 Spiked Mace
FW18 Hammer
FW19 Long Bow
FW20 Crossbow

So much lead to collect, so little time...........a few of my pics below....

As I think I've hinted, definitely an acquired taste.

Pics of a bunch of the range are on the Lost Minis WIKI here.

If you come across any and would like to sell or trade please email me....

Sunday, 5 August 2018

Bring Out Your Lead 2018 ..... Oldhammer BOYL at Foundry, day 3...

The sun shined down on us so it was still a good sign.....Mark drove to drop Dom off so I ended up there a little early and chatted to all and sundry whilst the breakfast food and drinks were being readied. Treated myself to a sausage and egg carries on once home......

One of the highlights to the day was meeting up with Kev Adams again. Top bloke and sculptor......he was doing head sculpts for charity so I bought a Guggorfincrush Bonegrinder and merrily watched whilst he cut the face off a proceeded to sculpt an orcish variant of me....Bryan looked at it and said it needed some more head so I started laughing as Kev sat back and gave me more head. Totally puerile humor but that's me.....

Maria brought this box over for the charity donations......of course this started me off so she had to amend the wording.....

 Talked a lot with Bryan about sculpting. He showed me how to take the ball out of the tip of a ballpoint pen and then use the end to create easy eyes and chainmail, padded armour nails etc as they used to do in the old days. He then went on to do a thumbnail sculpt which he said he would peel off later and maybe add to a banner / shield....

One of Bryan's pencil sketches.....

Old Chaz Elliott sculpts of Discworld characters (produced in the 80s by Clarecraft, now long gone)....found them in the display cabinets....

This was the head on Jamie Loft's orc. Maria has taken pics off all of them and will hopefully publish them at some point....

Kev at work on Mark's daughter's sculpts. 


Mark, Marcus and Bryan deep in conversation whilst I was trying to get a decent pic of Kev in action...

Kev Dallimore painted Foundry orcs etc....all Kev's sculpts.

Another game in progress.....

I got cajoled into playing the Orcling hopper bouncing game....

I ended up being the first out (threw 2 sixes in a row which meant my hopper burst I think...) although I'd picked up the highest point value barrel and was well on my way back home......Garth James stole the victory....... Great little game with a lot of twist and turns. First game I've played in years. I got a participation set of orcling hoppers though!

My mate Tony Yates picked me up John Blanche's signature yesterday.....another excellent little addition to my horde of things.....

This was an ancient conversion from the studio back in the day...scratchbuilt motorbike and sidecar with reworked orcs from the TA Orc War Machine....please ignore the symbology, those were different days in the hobby.

Tony Yates sketched me a Tenoch lizardman. Wonderful. 

A great day out as usual and the perfect end to a near perfect weekend. Once again many thanks to the organisers including Garth James and the Ansell family. There is another little show later in the year.....more once I get the info.

Day 1 here.

Day 2 here.