Friday 16 May 2008

May 16th 2008

Nothing to say as usual, I just need to upload a couple of pics to Frothers Unite

Pay talks are ending at work and it looks like less than 2% so, another paycut. Hmmm. How motivational is the workplace today? More later!

Bronze Age miniatures Death Dealer type (Linky) and below that a Yahoo CCM Limited edition miniature by the Goblinmaster himself Kev Adams (we are not worthy!)...more here; CCM Group minis

Early Judge Dredd mini by Citadel under licence for Titan Games; Spikes Harvey Rotten. CCM link.

Page from the earliest Games Workshop figure catalogue.........oh yes.

Thursday 24 April 2008

Why I am not painting at the moment......

Well, due to my 9 year old needing a bedroom I have lost the small hobby room.........30+ years of collecting shoved into our bedroom...................

Salute 18th April 2008

Me somewhat drunk (in the background) meeting the fabled Perry twins who, besides being the most prolific miniature designers in the hobby, also design Lord of the Rings figures (amongst others) for Games Workshop. Bemused looks on their faces show what they were probably thinking......... their website.....

Great weekend spent in London drinking far too much, seeing the sites and not sleeping enough. Met up with loads of 'hobby inspired' people - excellent!

Monday 7 April 2008

Helping a friend...............

Trying to post a higher quality pic for a of Citadel Miniatures' earliest catalogues... before the days of slottas!

Citadel Miniatures earliest listing... that I know of...

Editing this old post as it deserves some love I think. The earliest Citadel listing I have, back when they were at the Newark Folk Museum. I recall that this was where I first met Bryan and Diane. You could go around the lead bins and choose pieces... it was like being in a sweet shop. I still have a bunch of old separate sci fi weapons from then. 

Front page of the earliest GW figure catalogue I know of... back when they sold all the fantasy ranges they could find. A wonderful time!

Also, if you feel slightly flush, buying me a coffee is always appreciated...tomorrow is cinnamon twist roll at the park.. . Or even pop over to and have a browse... every little helps!

Any thoughts on anything please do leave a comment and/or email me on, even if it is to berate me for my penchant for coffee :)

Friday 11 January 2008

Just a few more Undead Samurai. I sometimes forget what a saddo I am........

Wednesday 2 January 2008

A New Year dawns..........

Happy New Year!

I've succumbed to the festive disease of constant binge eating/drinking over the holidays so have little to say so far. Back at work on Tuesday which is coincidentally the day I become teetotal for a month (normally starts on Jan 1st however being on holiday stopped that.......). Quick post here with a pic of my miniatures workbench - the total chaos is indicative of my own life. Very little gets done. New Year. New organisational skills needed. Probably. More later.