Sunday 29 March 2020

Isolation painting... it's not all bad...

Well, I hope you're all keeping well and safe during these harrowing times... I get out once a day; in the morning to walk the hound for an hour or so but then it's staying in for the rest of the day. I shop about twice a week and keep in contact with my partner by phone... living on my own makes it quite stark although my two munchkins do visit (currently allowed) from their mum's nearby. I've been doing a evening live feed on Facebook, wittering on about painting and miniatures in general but haven't worked out how to export the videos to YouTube or here. There is a great hobby community out there and it keeps me sane... well, as sane as I could ever be of course. If you 'do' Facebook then the Old School Miniatures group is here. If you don't then join in, it's really therapeutic... 

Edit... found how to save the videos so they're now on my YouTube channel... lol, at this rate I'll become a vlogger.

On to the minis completed this week;

Dragontooth P18 Swordsman Roland

Roland has been half painted for 10 years or more... this has been great motivation for me to finally finish some WIPs...

 Ral Partha Halfling from the AD&D 3 Stage Character set...

Premier Productions 'Conquest' Saracens by Al Charles. This was a 40mm range of Saracens and Templar style knights. A nice range, I've a few more to do and a few more to find of course. Unfortunately I put them on different sized bases... oops...

Ral Partha Fantasy Collector Series 02-021 Deep Elf Firing Bow...

Edit; still available from Iron Wind Metals, now a Sea Elf.

Finally, an Old Glory Trojan from the command pack, available here.

That's it for now. Time to have a quick shower and take the hound out... she's getting a little bored although we do have a small back garden she can be let loose in at least. Keep safe everyone and keep isolating where you can. 

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Saturday 7 March 2020

Dragontooth, P27 Subotai the Mongol.

Well, I finally got another of the Personalities range painted... still needs varnishing but as I'm now using spray cans (Windsor & Newton) I need to wait till I've a few pieces to do... could be a while of course. A lovely figure to paint... full of Tom Loback's usual flair for the athletic posing. 

More of the range painted on previous posts here (scroll down to the older ones).

I'm still missing these;

P42 Elfin Thief or Adventurer
P43 Celtic Wizard
P48 Celtic Warrior Prince
P50 Dwarf Warrior in Chainmail

If you have any of them to trade or sell please let me know....

Thursday 5 March 2020

Miniature Figurines Magazine 'Minimag' Volume 1, Number 5...

Well, you know how things are... I was looking for issues 2 and 4 that I'd picked up a short while ago and found issue 5 along with a few catalogue addition sheets... yet another item I'd totally forgotten about and can't remember picking up. At 58 I suppose it's to be expected though... pass the wine please someone.

Other Minimags here.

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