Friday 30 September 2016

Minifigs new range - Retro Sci Fi

Just noticed these via the Minifigs/Caliver Books newsletter. Very nice indeed and well priced so thought I'd post them....all pics are Minifigs. Edit 10th October - mine arrived, very nice castings. Pic at the bottom.

RSF01 Retro Space Pilot - Spacesuit

RSF02 Retro Space Pilot - Uniform

RSF03 Freelance Assassin

RSF04 Pepperpot Hunter

RSF05 Young City P.I.

RSF06 Demon Hunter

RSF07 Mercenary

RSF08 Chrononaut Grandfather

RSF09 Psycho Cyborg

All available here. Tell them I sent you!

Monday 19 September 2016

Oldhammer Tainted Hobbit finally finished.......

Finally finished the tainted hobbit conversion. Previous post detailing the journey is here. A great fun conversion and I'm quite pleased with the hand painted banner....the first I've done in many, many years. The Order of the Chaotic Pork Pie.......or should that be of the Chaotic Kipling Cake?

Also finished a couple of others,  a Mark Copplestone Grenadier Fantasy Warriors Knight - still available from Forlorn Hope Games or Mirliton.

 Picked up a bunch of Westwind's lovely 'Secrets of the Third Reich' miniatures recently and immediately had to paint this guy -'Big Thug'. You can download a free rules supplement to the game here.

That's all for now, hopefully more regular posting soon.

Thursday 8 September 2016

Derek the Troll lives again!

That cartooning God Lew Stringer has collated all the old series from the 80s White Dwarf magazines into a one off issue............

"Classic Comics from the 1980s! Derek the Troll, the affable but stinky denizen of pre-history, features in this complete collection of his strips from WARLOCK and WHITE DWARF magazines of the mid-1980s. Also includes the complete Rock Solid, Space Hero serial that ran in SWIFTSURE comic in 1985. PLUS two short Combat Colin strips from the late 1980s.

32 pages: full colour covers, black and white interiors. Quality printing throughout. Suggested for older children and upwards."

Pop over to Lew's website and order a copy quick!

Sunday 4 September 2016

The Assault Group Dwarves - Kettle Drummer WIP

After a long hiatus due to children being off school, social anxiety issues and spending time looking after my mum I have returned to the maelstrom.....2 new (very comfortable) settees in the front room mean that miniatures have been relegated to the back (dining) room.....very little space for anything, however I've got the painting table in a reasonably accessible corner with the luxury of the dining table to my left and an empty mantelpiece shelf to my right......the heights of luxury. 

A recent order from The Assault Group included a bunch of accessories for my mounted dwarves including holstered pistols and kettle drums....I remember seeing a Dixon Miniatures Mongol Kettle Drummer back at my earliest Northern Militaire by around 1974 (I think, possibly '75 but not sure if Dixon had started by then as I've read 1976 before now so may have the year confused) and was desperate to go back the next day but my father had other things to do of course (God bless him, he'd taken a young me there for the first day out of his weekend). If anyone has a copy of that Mongol Kettle Drummer (Camel) please let me have a pic or a trade! Anyway, Milliput mixed and Kettle Drums cleaned up it was a simple job of supergluing the drums to either side, having already attached the rider's body, and filling in relevant gaps....I'm certainly a poor sculptor so merely flattened out visible areas between the 2 drum and will paint accordingly...... the separate arm choice was one with a raised pistol - the easiest to convert to holding a drumstick. The drumsticks are merely cut off pins from an IKEA sewing kit. The earmuffs are a thoughtful addition as I realised the drums were rather close to the ponies' ears....

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