Saturday, 10 June 2017

Clam meets Maggie Thatcher and the Miner's Strike.....

Not a good period in British history and one that destroyed livelihoods around the country, never mind just the those of the mining villages and towns themselves. Militant trade union met the bitch and she had the backing of the government, the army, the police force etc. She will forever be remembered as a destroyer by many however, this is a miniatures blog and not a political thing......I know so many people touched by the strikes that it does bear remembrance of where the wrong person in power can destroy a more here, here and here. One point has come to light recently in that so many of the people I know and respect around the miniature's industry may not have moved into the field if all this had not happened......scary food for thought.

Clam, he of the wonderful Clamshells & Seahorses blog, has painted up our Mags figure. I do so love it when I see the blog minis painted up! Lots more Politicos (love the name, thanks Pete Brown of The Mouldmaker)  to come, just a question of time and finances.......

Clam's post is here.

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Friday, 2 June 2017

Master Castings Have Arrived!!

If you don't know the joy of welcoming your own children into the world.....well, this has a similar feel to it except maybe not as messy! The postman dropped the parcel from Peter Brown at The Mouldmaker this afternoon whilst I was painting fence posts at the front of the house. Twas a joyous moment indeed. I did finish painting the posts before going in as commitment to my craft.


Just before the molding......a scary process as the sculpts can end up getting damaged in the process....fortunately not in this case, thanks Pete!

This post and related ones will also be appearing on as that is a new project site. Quite exciting really. Please comment with thoughts and such like below.