Tuesday 27 August 2013

Tom Loback - Thomas' Tin Soldiers - American Civil War 'Toy Soldiers'

Around 1997 the Dragontooth sculptor Tom Loback perceived and executed a range of American Civil War figures in the Britains toy soldier style. I know very little about the range however have attempted to collect as many pictures as possible for posterity. I have contacted Tom via his Flickr account and hopefully will get some more information. It seems like 4 ranges were released; Infantry (ACW), Flag Bearers (FB), Drummer Boys (DB) and Famous Officers (FO). The flags themselves have been engraved with Tom sculpting the figures in his inimitable style. Please pass any other information you have so I can collate it. These ranges must not be forgotten!

The generic base stamp

Sample box showing address which was close to the old Dragontooth address (150W. 26th St. No. 502 NYC, NY 1001)

DB1 Drummer Boy 69th New York Vols. Iron Brigade

FO1 Colonel Shaw of the 54th Massachusetts 1863

FO1 Colonel Shaw of the 54th Massachusetts 1863 box

SB1 Irish Brigade 69th NY Regimental Color

SB2 69th New York Flag Bearer

SB4 2nd Wisconsin Iron Brigade

SB5 Iron Brigade 6th Wisconsin

SB6 Iron Brigade 6th Wisconsin Regimental Color

SB7 Iron Brigade National Color

SB8 Iron Brigade 7th Wisconsin Regimental Colors

SB9 Iron Brigade 24th Michigan National Color

SB11 Iron Brigade 19th Indiana Regimental Color

SB12  Color Bearer 1st Texas Hood's Brigade

SB13 4th Texas Hood's Brigade Flag Bearer

SB14 Color Bearer 5th Texas Hood's Brigade

SB15 Color Bearer 3rd Arkansas Texas Brigade

SB17 Color Bearer 1st New York Fire Zouaves

SB19 Garibaldi Guards 39th NY Italian Color Bearer

SB25 Bucktails' 42nd Pennsylvania  National Color

SB26 Orrs' Rifles 1st South Carolina Color Bearer

SB26 Orr's Rifles 1st South Carolina Color Bearer

SB27 Coppen's Zouaves 1st Louisiana Color Bearer

SB28 16th North Carolina Color Bearer

SB29 Irish Brigade 28th Massachusetts Regimental Color

SB30 Irish Brigade 28th Massachusetts National Color

SB31 The Irish Brigade 69th New York Vols 2nd Irish Color

SB37 69th New York State Militia Irish Color

SB39 Irish Brigade 9th Connecticut Regimental Color

SB40 9th Connecticut National Color

SB41 Virginia Military Institute School State Color

SB42 1st  Virginia

SB43 8th Virginia Battle Flag

SB44 Semper FI Marines National Color

SB45 10th Tennessee Irish National Color

SB45 10th Tennessee Irish National Color

SB47 33rd New Jersey Zouaves State Regimental Color

SB48 Hawkin's Zouaves 9th New York Presentation Color

SB51 5th US Heavy Artillery Colored Troops Regimental Color

An excellent US auction source is Old Toy Soldier Auctions US. There are far more aspects to this hobby than you realise! They also publish a quarterly magazine; details here.

I have borrowed 4 pictures off their past auctions and am awaiting permission to use them but will post them here in the meantime

ACW4 Panache Figurines Louisiana Tigers 1861

ACW22 Iron Brigade 2nd Wisconsin Regiment

ACW 23 Iron Brigade 6th Wisconsin Regiment

Various color bearers

If you have any information please contact me on enquiries@deartonyblair.co.uk

Friday 23 August 2013

Empire of the Petal Throne update - Palanquin set finished? Plus a couple of Heroes Miniatures.....

Well, I've attempted to paint a carpet / tapestry design......does this work? Any C&C / suggestions welcome before the varnishing phase.......

Also managed to pick up another Heroes Miniature. Haven't id'd it as yet but time will tell. Tony Yates sculpt from the 80s. Lovely old school.

I painted this Heroes Mini a while back but don't think I've posted it yet. GH4 Professor from the Nightmare World of Monstrous Evil range......I'm always looking to fill gaps in my collection so let me know if you find any!

Tuesday 20 August 2013

Pirates I tell you....ooh arr...... Old Glory OGP16 Pirate Looters with Victims

Finally got around to opening another bag of my Old Glory Pirates. Once again lovely clean sculpts that won't need much cleaning up - the full  range is hidden away in the historical 1600 - 1700 section here. They will (eventually) make a lovely addition to my Pirate hordes.............

OGP18 Gambling Pirates pics here.

Still soldiering on with the EPT Palanquin...more pics once I am off night shifts.......