Saturday 11 April 2020

Greenwood & Ball Ltd 1977 or 1978 catalogue...

Well folks, I hope you're all keeping well in these 'interesting times' we live in. As part of my 'staying sane' I was sorting some bits & bobs out and came across this old catalogue so thought some of you may find it interesting. As far as I'm aware John Braithwaite designed all the wargames miniatures but wasn't credited in the catalogue. Not sure if it's '77 or '78 though so if anyone knows please leave a comment! I always found Garrison minis a little on the slim side with too large spear shafts but each to their own. Rob Young took over the old Garrison range some years back but it wasn't commercially viable to keep it going unfortunately (edit, not so, see Rob's comment below). I certainly filled a few gaps in my collection though, thanks Rob! Images of most the Sword & sorcery range are on the Lost Minis WIKI.

On to the catalogue... quite large images so hopefully suitable for saving and/or printing out.