Tuesday 20 March 2007

First blogging post.

Tired, overworked and underpaid. Blah. End of a long day taking children to school, working then going to parent's evening. Then shopping. Had to buy a suit. Picked one up in Tescos for £35. How on earth can anyone make and retail a suit for that price. Unbelievable. Also unbelievable is the fact that it fits. Reasonably well. Probably helps that my body now occupies spaces that expensive suit designers don't know exist. Anyway, it's a suit. I have a conference to go to on Thursday. Unfortunately this is also has a 'black tie' evening event for which I am most definitely not prepared. In my youth I wore a cut off tuxedo top on stage. Twenty years ago that looked cool and trendy. Today it looks........well, in need of a dry clean and someone twenty years younger to fill it. Doh, as Homer says. Or would say if Virgin media hadn't ruined my television viewing by p*****g off Sky. I've lost Lost, Battlestar Galactica and the Simpsons. Between that and the situation in Mugabe's (sic) Africa I have lost nothing at all. In fact I've gained some extra hours in the evening. Time currently well spent drinking beer once the munckins are all asleep and my wife has found fit to stop moaning about everything I've done wrong today/this week/last week/before we met etc. Beer has many virtues - it makes men more sexy (from their point of view), more women desirable (from the man's point of view) and football interesting. It also allow online gambling and Ebay to rake in more profits than anyone would've thought possible. How many of us have woken up thinking 'Oh God, no!' I have, and only once next to a young (ish) lady whom I wouldn't have made acquaintance with had it not been for alcohol (both my intake and hers, although I did meet her again a couple of years later and could not remember her upon which she said, 'don't you remember, you f*****d me??!!'). Life, very interesting from all points of view. Time for bed now although I may tap another beer, check on the children (although the 7 month old stays in the main bedroom where my wife sleeps so I have to creep in at the last minute before sleep lest I disturb either).

Next time, 'Punctuation shock!' and 'The Budget' (capital B although I'm not sure why, probably respect for that which one fears).