Tuesday 22 November 2022

Dragontooth Giants - G9 Reptilian Giant & misc.


This is an interestingly basic sculpt that I fell in love with whilst painting. Not sure of the sculptor so if you know please leave a comment! The weapon was sculpted for it by a good hobby friend as the original had long gone. I'll possibly be adding some skulls to the base... apart from that just varnishing needed. I love the fact that he seems to be grinning with pleasure.

Also found my old G8 Hrugnir the Giant Carrying his Loot... this is the solid version, he was later cast as hollow. I must get around to weighing him as it's a massive chunk of lead. I picked up the photo print of him a while back... it has G8 stamped on the reverse so I assume it was for promotional purposes?

The box I 'found' him in...

I'd love to get hold of a hollow cast copy and also a carded one.

A few of the Dragontooth giants were based on illustrations from the 'Giants' book. Well worth picking a copy up.

That's it for now. I'm full of 'man flu' so am feeling very sorry for myself...

Dragontooth Personalities - P2 Goblin Captains


Just a quick post to put up another of the P range finished (barring varnishing). Possibly sculpted by Michael Katok? Not the nicest of figures to paint and my mojo was sorely tested but, hey ho, at least they're done. 

Not the greatest of paint jobs I'm afraid... I'm determined to get the whole of the P range painted at some point!

Friday 18 November 2022

White Dwarf 63 - Tabletop Heroes by Joe Dever & Gary Chalk


Just grabbed a random White Dwarf magazine and realised I had forgotten how much I loved the Tabletop Heroes articles. I was always in awe of the skillset of these guys... nowadays we are spoilt for choice with printed and resin scenery but, back then you mostly had to scratchbuild unless you could afford the joys of companies such as Otherworld Artifacts. I recently picked up the Warrior's Watchtower and it is every bit as wonderful as it looks on these hallowed pages. Leafing through the magazine makes me remember how many small miniature companies have disappeared over the years... 

You can still get most of the pirates as they've been re-released by Wargames Foundry... image borrowed with permission.

There's a few more posts on Otherworld Artifacts here including a box opening of the aforementioned Watchtower and the 1986 catalogue.

Saturday 12 November 2022

Citadel Miniatures Middle Earth (1980's) Dunlendings

Back in the day (well, 1985), Citadel / Games Workshop had a licence for Lord of the Rings that they took over from Grenadier Models Inc (range here) who had only ever released 4 boxed sets. The earlier Heritage Models Inc release was based on the Bakshi cartoon and remains one of my favourite ranges ever (link to Heritage here). The pair of  (ME45) Dunlendings were sculpted by Bob Naismith... I asked him why he sculpted them in this large style but he couldn't remember - apparently they had a lot of free reign back in those days. The Lost Minis WIKI notes that they were shown on one flyer as ME45 Dunlendings Ogre Men. Great fun to paint and I feel the need to get a few more together. They're approximately 33mm from foot to eye level so quite large for ordinary 'wildmen'.

I've compiled a listing of this range below; most of the blisters featured a mounted and foot version. Strangely there was no Galadriel... 

Blister Packs

ME1 Fellowship Heroes (Strider, Frodo & Gandalf)

ME2 Fellowship Heroes (Legolas, Boromir & Gimli)

ME11 Gandalf the Wizard

ME12 Strider, Aragorn the Ranger

ME13 Frodo, Hobbit Hero

ME14 Legolas, Elf Hero

ME15 Gimli, Dwarf Hero

ME21 Boromir, Man of Gondor

ME22 Elrond, Half Elf Lord

ME23 Rohirrim (there were two versions released)

ME24 Gondor Citadel Guard

ME25 Rangers of Ithilien

ME31 Silvan Elves of Mirkwood (two versions, the 2nd release had multiple variants)

ME32 Noldor The Deep Elves (two versions, the 2nd release had multiple variants)

ME33 Dwarves (two versions, the 2nd release had multiple variants)

ME34 Hobbits of the Shire

ME35 Beorn: As Man & Bear

 ME41 Goblin Warg Rider

ME42 Orcs of the White Hand (two versions, the 2nd release had multiple variants)

ME43 Half Orcs of Saruman

ME44 Uruk-Hai (two versions, the 2nd release had multiple variants)

ME45 Dunlendings: Hill Men

ME51 Orcs of the Red Eye (two versions, the 2nd release had multiple variants)

ME52 Olog-Hai Troll (two versions)

ME53 Southron: Evil Haradrim

ME54 Easterlings

ME55 Mouth of Sauron: Evil Warrior Mage

ME56 Sauron, Saruman, Nazgul (Sauron seems to have been released separately as well)

ME61 Sauron: The Dark Lord

ME62 Saruman The White

ME63 Lord of the Nazgul

ME64 Black Rider: Ringwraith (two versions)

ME71 Corsairs of Umbar

ME72 Deadmen of Dunharrow (two versions, the 2nd release had multiple variants)

ME73 Barrow-Wights

ME74 Snagga: Goblins

ME75 Knight of Dol Amroth

ME81 Aragorn: King of Gondor

ME82 The Hobbit (TM) Personalities Pack

ME83 Tom Bombadil & Fatty Lumpkin

ME84 Great Eagle of the Misty Mountains

ME85  Treebeard: Mighty Ent

Boxed Sets

BME1 Fellowship of the Ring

BME2 Nazgul on Winged Beast

BME3 Balrog: Encounter at Khazad-Dum

Lots of images of the ranges are at the links below;




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Sunday 6 November 2022

Dragontooth Personalities - P11 Swordswoman


Another one down... I've been trying to paint her for a long time but she totally wiped my mojo until the other day when I changed the colour scheme. Still not the best sculpt (quite a few are like the proverbial Marmite ie love 'em or hate 'em) but she's done. Just need varnishing now.

That's it for now!