Saturday 31 March 2012

Foundry Chaos Dwarves......

Finally got the last of the Chaos Dwarf pics off my camera. Again, all Wayne England sketches and very nice indeed. If they do release them as sculpts it could be the start of an interesting range......

Wednesday 21 March 2012

Superior Models Inc Warrior of the Red Planet

As it says on the tin....I am trying to get hold of an old 75mm Ray Lamb sculpt that I could have sworn I already had......only pic I have is a little poor I'm afraid....

If you do happen to have a copy to trade please let me know (email on the left of the blog) - if not for trade a decent pic would be great. I have a Princess of Mars figure but it isn't the one above.....haven't found a pic of it yet but I'm sure I will do if I manage to locate my Superior Models flyers hidden somewhere in the maelstrom of my hobby area.......then of course it won't be the figure I want it to be.

In case you didn't know in the 70s TSR released a set of rules for gaming warfare in Barsoom.......I do remember seeing a copy in the early 80s when I visited the Hinchliffe Models factory shop but didn't pick it up. Last copy on ebay went for about $900.......

Post script to this post (can I say that???)...............the Princess of Mars figure I have is actually FA07 Freyja, Queen of can almost understand my error (insert various expletives here please at your leisure). I am therefore after both of the figures at the top. Grrrrrrr....... are a couple of pics from the Grenadier Gamma World range that were, in a previous incarnation, John Carter of Mars minis......until Grenadier realised they had to pay a licence fee........I am chasing these so please send me your spares :)

G9 Knights of Purity C.A.

Tuesday 20 March 2012

New Foundry Wayne England sketches...

Managed to download a few more pics from the ailing camera......more to come if I can get it to work.....

If they manage to sculpt these and pull off the artwork I'll be jumping in feet first......

Comments etc as usual to;

Friday 16 March 2012

Iron Sky - Nazis on the moon........................

This looks like a total hoot. Going down well at the Berlin film festival.......and no, it's not meant to be serious :)

John Carter the movie...........

Just got back from watching the John Carter movie.........please ignore the Thark babies and the 'puppy-like' Woola.


Read the books, watch the movie. It rocks.

Thursday 15 March 2012

Westwind Productions Empire of the Dead II

Well, the pre-orders are up on the site! For £30 the book deal looks a good one!

More mini packs are up for pre-order as well - check the Westwind site;

Wednesday 14 March 2012

Westwind Productions 'Empire of the Dead'

Been waiting for this for a while.....looks like it's in the offing at last - not in time for Salute (although they may have a few copies.....) however ready for shipping from 30th April....the miniatures look good - very in the Vampire Wars style.

A sample ruleset is available and looks promising..............

Download Here

Monday 12 March 2012

Back to Heritage John Carter minis!

I thought I would show some of the mighty green martians from the Heritage range......the camera should be working soon so I will be posting more pics. 

1505 Tars Tarkus, Jeddak of Thark 

1515 Green Martian Warhoon Warrior

1516 Green Martian with Radium Rifle

1514 Green Martian Thark Swordsmen

and then to finish off with some of the other deadly fauna of Mars.....

1528 Plantmen of the Valley Dor

 1529 Apt

1531 White Ape of Barsoom

Apparently the film has not done so well in the US.......still haven't seen it yet as I have been working night shifts......Thursday is now booked though....looking forward to it! 

By the way, if anyone is looking to get rid of any old lead please contact me on as I am always looking to fill the large gaps in my collection!

Tuesday 6 March 2012

Hinchliffe Models Martian Range

Well, Hinchliffe Models were one of the main English wargaming mini companies of the 70s and early 80s. Their move into the SF and F genre was never, I believe, a totally serious one as they were historical designers at heart however I love the old school styles and they are a necessary addition to any serious collector.......sculpted by the late Peter Gilder (who started his career in the 60s whilst working as a pie-machine salesman)....see Vintage 20mil on Miniature Figurines history

On to the range itself...............

SF10 was possibly the figure for John Carter himself......                                         

SF11 was a Martian Princess so the incomparable Dejah Thoris takes form once again.......

SF8 Green Martian.... striking terror into all who beheld....

SF17 Green Martian mounted on Thoat

All these pics are mine and more (including other contributors) are on the Lost Minis WIKI. If anyone happens to know which sculpt sits in for SF15 please let me know......

19th July 2012 - late addition to this page is from the 1976 Hinchliffe Handbook;

Sunday 4 March 2012

John Carter Warlord of Mars

With the movie being released next week (March 9th) I thought I would post a few pics and details about the old Heritage licensed range from the early 80s. Sculpted by Max Carr they really capture how I pictured the characters when I first read the books back in the 70s. Some of the sculpts are a little basic by todays standards but that is what I love about old school minis. (BTW, Max is doing some great stuff at his new company, Barony Miniatures

Code 1503 contained the man himself and the incomparable Dejah Thoris......

The listing included a number of unreleased minis which may or may not have been sculpted before the licence was day we may find the unreleased 'greens'...

25mm Range

1503 John Carter, Warlord of Mars - Dejah Thoris, Princess of Mars & Kantos Kan plus Diorama Nameplate
1504 John Carter mounted on Thoat with Dejah Thoris and Woola
1505 Tars Tarkus, Jeddak of Thark
1506 Cathoris of Helium and Thuvia, Maid of Mars with Gahan and Llana of Gathol
1507 Issus, Goddess of Death upon her throne and Matai Shang, Father of Therns with the Holy Altar of Doom
1508 Ras Thavas, Mastermind of Mars and Princess Tara of Helium with Ulysses Paxton and Valla Dia
1509 Solon of Okar & Dator Thurid of the Black Pirates w Than Kosis, Jeddak of Zodanga & Tul Axtar of Jahar
1510 Phor Tak, Mad Jaharian Scientist Inventor of the Flying Death & Ur Jan, Assassin of Mars w 2 Mercenary Panthans
1511 Red Martian Swordsmen of Mars (3 each of 2 types)
1512 Martians with Radium weapons (3 each of 2 types)
1513 Martian Command Group
1514 Green Martian Thark Swordsman
1515 Green Martian Warhoon Warrior
1516 Green Martian with Radium Rifle
1517 Black Pirates of Barsoom - the Firstborn (3 each of 2 types)
1518 Yellow Martians - the Men of Okar (3 each of 2 types)
1519 White Martians - The Holy Therns (3 each of 2 types)
1520 Kaldanes of Barsoom - individual and upon Rykors
1521 Sythetic Men of Mars (3 each of 2 types)
1522 Orovars - Horz and Lotharians with Bowmen
1523 The Masena (Catmen) of the Thurian Moon
1524 Morgors (Skeleton Men) of Jupiter
1525 Red Martians mounted on Domestic Thoats Unreleased?
1526 Green Martian Thoat Rider Unreleased?
1527 Green Martian (Giant) Thoat Unreleased?
1528 Plantmen of the Valley Dor
1529 Banth and Apt
1530 Malagor with Synthetic Man Rider Unreleased?
1531 White Ape of Barsoom
1532 Zitadar with Red Martian Mahout Unreleased?
1533 Green Martian Chariot (Cart) for Zitidar Unreleased?
1534 Giant Martian Lizard
1535 Great Barsoomian Sader Unreleased?
1536 Rapid-Fire Radium Cannon w Operator and Radium Cannon w Crew (2)
1537 Ten-Man Scout Flyer Unreleased?

Martian Airships

1538 Scout Flyers (various sizes) Unreleased?
1539 Cruisers (light and heavy) Unreleased?
1540 Battleships & Battlecruisers Unreleased?
1541 Dreadnaughts & Transports Unreleased?

75mm Collector Figurines

1500 John Carter, Warlord of Mars
1501 Dejah Thoris, Princess of Mars
1502 Tars Tarkus, Jeddak of Thark

The range was supported by 2 books...

Check out most of the range on the Lost Minis WIKI

Thursday 1 March 2012

Games Workshop Display Piece...........

In April 1978 Games Workshop opened their first shop in Dalling Road, Hammersmith, London. I visited the store the following year after being rescued by my Uncle Peter having tried very unsuccessfully to hitch back from Reading was a joy to behold and I remember getting a few Minifigs Valley of the Four Winds figures......that was my budget blown. The displays of Archive and Der Kriegspielers were very tempting however totally outside my finances......they having been subbed by my Uncle at the request of my dad. God Bless you Uncle Pete....I hope you got it all back.

A few years ago I managed to pick up what is apparently a display piece from Dalling Road - slightly out of focus pictures unfortunately - our camera has died so I cannot retake them for the time being - this is a hefty pieces about 5" tall and cast, not a one off sculpt which makes it all the more mysterious. It is very Cthulhuesque but no markings anywhere - I keep being tempted to strip it to check if anything has been painted over.......if anyone has any knowledge of this piece please let me know!

As as note on this a couple of Frothers and LAF members have id'd this as a Heroes Miniatures GH50 The Ultimate will be posted once I have a new camera!