Dragontooth Minis Wanted

Some of the pictures are borrowed off the Lost Minis WIKI. Where there's no pic on the WIKI we would love to find one even if I don't get the miniature itself....

Updated 25th November 2016 - thanks Richard and eBay!

City of Magic

003 Ye Blind Cyclops Inn

004 Tomb of the Dwarf King

I do have these pieces from the set;

005 King Niflung's Throne Hall


P42 Elfin Thief, or Adventurer

P43 Celtic Wizard

P48 Celtic Warrior Prince

P50 Dwarf Warrior in Chainmail

The Gelmen

GEL2 Gelmen Trolls in full armour with Pole Arms
GEL5 Gelmen Infantry Armed with Maces


GI9 Giant Crocodile Man


GD3 Thor

GD4     Kali Ten Armed Goddess of Death


DE8 Beelzebub - Lesser Devil

D77 Large Reptilian Dragon

Marvellous Beasties
MB8 The Sphinx - A Mysterious Riddle

MB9 The Great Owl with Armed Rider

MB10 Great winged Cat

Other Characters & Races
EM2 Mounted Elves in Woodland Garb

G1 Goblin Heavy Infantry Advancing (just the one variant)

G2 Goblin Heavy Infantry Standing

D3 Dwarves armed with Two Handed Axes

K1 Kobolds armed with pitchforks (4)

Non-Player Characters
NPC01 Leontynes

All of the giftware barring the gold plated Centaur and Pegasus.

Let me know if you've got anything to trade or sell on deartonyblair@virginmedia.com

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