Saturday 12 September 2015

New Bob Olley blog minis..............

I'll just leave the pics of the greens comment will get a free set once they are cast up. May take a while but my planned conquest of the miniatures industry is getting there slowly............

Friday 11 September 2015

Archive Miniatures Robots

Just picked these up off a Lead Adventure Forum colleague. Lovely minis although bit of a swine to put together. Both from the Star Rovers line.

2009 Juggerbot, Killer Robot

2010 Roberker, Giant Robot


As Nevile recently said of the Jutterbog;

My favourite robot, of the ones I sculpted. It was - and still is - a bitch to put (and keep) together. I recommend clipping off the bumps extending from the legs and arms, and substituting wire pins to attach them to the body. This one is based on a cover illustration for one of the old sci-fi pulp rags of yesteryear.

and of the Roberker;

This one is the absolute mother of nightmares to put together. I could never do it without pinning it. This is also from an old pulp rag sci fi cover illo.

Tuesday 1 September 2015

Grenadier Fantasy Warriors - Eastern Barbarians

Had a bit of a mystery on my hands after I picked up some pieces off an old collection. 4 Grenadier sculpts that were obviously for the Fantasy Warriors period although I had no recollection of their release and, indeed, no catalogue evidence for them. Fortunately there are those in the know and Kevin M Denning stepped up to the plate via the old Grenadier newsletter 'Warrior'. Issue 11, November/December 1994 to be precise. Gary over at Forlorn Hope Games has lots of the other Grenadier Fantasy Warriors ranges. Doug Cowie who set up and ran Grenadier UK back in the day has the rules downloadable as a PDF for free at the bottom of his Fantasy Warriors page here. These were written by Nick Lund, originally of Chronicle Miniatures fame before he moved on to Citadel Miniatures and then Grenadier. Apparently an excellent set of rules.

This 'Diety' (sic) guy is a Broo type from an earlier pack of the Fantasy Lords releases I think......nice as it is, wish Mark had sculpted something new.....

Thanks to Kevin for the id.....although I now need the other 2 sets! Give me a shout if you can help....

Kevin has started his own line of minis over at Barbaric Splendor - here. First 2 releases as below (all copy-rite on the pics below are Kevin's) - please support him!

BS001 Orsa Stormbringer, Barbarian Hero on Giant Warcat

BS002 Datragg Invictus, Barbarian Mercenary

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