Thursday 31 October 2019

Politicopoly - it's a Brexit nightmare!

Well, we all know I don't do politics but sometimes you have to nudge the boat... Bob Olley sculpts for the Politicos range from The Little Soldier Company

It has already hit its low funding goal so if it does keep going I may commission a stretch goal or two...thoughts? John Bercow? Nelson Mandela? George Bush?

Any shares or promotion appreciated folks!

Tuesday 22 October 2019

Dragontooth Personalites - P41 Halfling Magician

Well, in an effort to find my hobby mojo I decided to tackle this little guy. A Tom Loback sculpt from the P range of personalities - mostly supplied as a mounted and foot version, the exception being; 

P1 Wizard, Ranger & Dwarf King
P2 Goblin Captains
P3 Pegasi (Winged Horses)
P4 Hippogriff & Unicorn
P5 Saurian Capt. & Champions
P6 Superhero & Superheroine
P7 Dungeon Feast

P7 Dungeon Feast (an 'interesting' Mike Gilbert sculpt) was retired and replaced by the first of the duo sets, Adventurer or Thief.

There are 51 codes in the range so 45 of these duos to collect...I'm still missing P42 Elfin Thief or Adventurer, P43 Celtic Wizard, P48 Celtic Warrior Prince and P50 Dwarf Warrior in Chainmail so if you have any of them to trade or sell please let me know. The full range can be seen here.

Tom sculpting in wax using a paint brush which gives his characters of lot of ebb and flow in their movement. I am totally addicted to his work of course....

Still needs varnishing of course but it was a thoroughly enjoyable set to paint. 

Thursday 10 October 2019

Asgard Miniatures Robin Hood and Maid Marian

I was looking for some wargaming minis for a friend who likes Robin Hood and happened to come across these 2 larger scale beauties on eBay... they weren't described as Asgard but they looked very old school and not 'giftware'. They have since been confirmed as Stan Pockron sculpts by Paul Sulley... Asgard being founded by Bryan Ansell, Steven Fitzwater and Paul back in 1976 until going out of business early to mid 1980's. A number of the sculpts are now produced by both The Viking Forge in America and Alternative Armies in the UK.

Most Asgard Miniatures are pictured on the Lost Minis WIKI.

I first came across them in this old Model Soldier Magazine for August 1978... in fact, my good friend Tony Yates just told me that the skeleton picture was his first published artwork! History in the making.

And on to the figures...

As always;

Thursday 3 October 2019

Halfling Yeoman of the Guard...

Well, my good mate Peter Brown of The Mouldmaker and The Assault Group has got around to Kickstarting a horde of mounted Hobbitses on giant... erm... well... male chickens. Oh... roosters I should say. Lovely minis and nicely priced. Pop over and pledge...

Project image for TAG - Halfling Yeomen of the Yard.

There're freebies as well... go click and have a look. Pete molds most of my minis so we know he's a good guy.