Sunday 25 February 2024

The joys of a Warhammer 40K bits box...


Sorting out boxes which is my favourite hobby pastime! This was part of a job lot given to me years ago by a friend... he used blue tac to attach weapons so they could be changed when needed. Sacrilege!

The tub is just plastic, most of the rest are metal barring the Space Marine / Ork vehicle bits etc.

Spent a pleasant evening in last night with the hound finishing the first series of HBO's 'Rome'. I'd ordered the second series on Friday and it arrived yesterday meaning I stayed up till 01:30 watching the first 2 episodes... rather tired today.

Trying to get a little painting done but, as always, ADHD hits and I get everything else started and nothing completed. Hoping to get the upcoming Napoleoniques molded and off to Kickstarter backers soon.

Martin Buck has done a stellar job on these including Napoleon himself (on the balcony in the pic).

Well, off to paint a little. More later.