Sunday 31 January 2016

Northumbrian Tin Soldier Nighfolk

I have completely fallen in love with these sculpts by Martin Buck. A growing range of Labyrinth and Froud inspired sculpts....all part of David Holland's planned hijacking of my wallet.....

Top 3 still need varnishing of course.......I've just started on 10 more of the armored soldier types so more pics soon.

The Nightfolk range, currently numbering 46 types are available here. Tell David I sent you.....

C&C welcome as always;

Monday 18 January 2016

Dragontooth, P22 Gladius, Roman Hero.

One more down, 47 codes to go.....hey, what else am I going to do? Another lovely sculpt by Tom Loback. Still needs varnishing of course......I seem to have a bit of a backlog in that area...... how unlike me....

My other painted examples are here and the Lost Minis listing is here. I'm still missing just 4 of this range so if you manage to find them please get in contact....

P42 Elfin Thief, or Adventurer
P43 Celtic Wizard
P48 Celtic Warrior Prince
P50 Dwarf Warrior in Chainmail