Minifigs Sword & Sorcery Wants

After whatever you have, preferably complete! Also after the catalogue that the range was pictured in - I have various catalogues with the listings but none with the pictures. There was one (at least) with pics as I have the partial scan of the page as below;

Updated 26th October 2020....

Updated 22nd February 2017. Thanks Mike!

Sword and Sorcery

SS8 Vanaheim Spearman

SS16 Cimmerian Chieftain

SS51 Pict Archer

SS53 Pict War Chief

SS54 Hyrkranian Bowman

SS55 Hyrkranian Spearman

Sword & Sorcery Cavalry

SSC1 Cimmerian Light Horse with spear

SSC3 Zamporan Spearman

SSC4 (Eastern Empire Heavy Lancer) Eastern Heavy Lancer

SSC5 (Eastern Empire Light Horse) Eastern Light Horse Lancer

Unsure of the correct miniature here.

SSC6 (Eastern Empire Mounted Officer) Eastern Officer

SSC9 (Steppes Swordsman) Hykranian Officer

SSC18 Vandan Lancer

SSC19 (Kingdom of the Hind Mace) Vandan Officer

SSC20 (Desert Brigand Tribe Mounted Horsebow) Desert Horse Archer

SSC21 (Desert Brigand Tribe Chieftain) Desert Officer

SSC22 Hill Tribesman

SSC25 Khojan Officer

SSC26 (Black Kingdom Mounted Spearman) Kushite Spearman

Sword & Sorcery Horses

SSH1 Horse with Sheepskin saddle - walking

SSH2 Horse with Sheepskin saddle - galloping

SSH3 Horse with leather saddle - walking

SSH4 Horse with leather saddle - trotting

(no picture)

SSH5 Horse with leather saddle - galloping

SSH6 Horse with leather saddle and armoured head - trotting

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