Monday 27 February 2012

Heresy Miniatures Dragon

Andy at Heresy Miniatures has spent the last couple of thousand years sculpting what must be the ultimate dragon.......I was lucky to hold a cast metal head at Hammerhead recently and it was only reluctantly that I gave it him back! The theory is the dragon will be cast in resin but he is experimenting with metal to speed up production. I am number 125 in the queue with 108 to go as of last September...............

Take a look at the Heresy website for more info....

Back in 1983 Michael Perry (now of GW and Perry Miniatures fame) sculpted the ultimate dragon at the time....24" wingspan and 24" long.........I had one for a short while but sold it for beer money back then.....doh! It went for the princely sum of £49.50 when it tends to get around £1500+

A big difference in style to the early days of lead as shown by the Der Kriegspieler's large dragon from the first ever Games Workshop figure catalogue...this being pre-Citadel!

Sunday 26 February 2012

Old School Fantasy Miniatures

A Yahoo Group dedicated to old school minis headed up by Scott Burnley. We are releasing a journal 3 times a year under the name of 'Old School Fantasy Miniatures Amatuer Press Association'......shortened to OSFMapa for ease of use. Currently 8 members and on the lookout for more - please visit the Yahoo Group at;

First journal has just been released with articles by all members.

Foundry Chaos Dwarves

A couple more pics.............looks like it could be a nice range depending on the scu

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Couple of Wayne England sketches previewing an upcoming Foundry range??

Comments etc as usual to;

Saturday 25 February 2012

Hammerhead and Partizan Show Freebie Minis.......

Someone just asked why my favorite Hammerhead mini was the Count Carlsberg fig (see earlier post) and I realised it's because it is the best sculpted - Matthew Bickley, one of my favorite new sculptors. The related Partizan show also gives away freebie minis and my favorite of those is the 3 piece railway vignette - inspired 
by the classic black and white movies of old where the fiendish villain ties the damsel heroine to the railway lines.............

The show after this one was given away featured 'Harold the Hero'...........attempting to rescue his love from the fiendish villain just in time....

These were both sculpted by the very talented Matthew Bickley. I've posted all the other Partizan and Hammerhead freebies on the Lost Minis WIKI...


Wayne England Foundry sketches.....

More pics of the Foundry Halfing a Chaos Dwarf......

Friday 24 February 2012

Foundry Open Day 24th February 2012

Well, got down there for quarter to ten....the traffic was fairly light all things considered and there were only a couple of people already mooching around the bargain bins. Thieving buggers......should at least have the decency to wait for me to turn up.

Mostly Napoleonics and Seven Years War :(

Familiar staff were there so had some good chats about....well, the usual stuff. The warehouse was down on stock for some reason - not sure what is happening there and forgot to ask......the older codes such as the DA (Darkest Africa) were few and far between on the racks so maybe they are discontinuing a lot....... I was trying to get a set of the old Citadel Samurai but was told they are now totally out of production........should have picked up the blisters at the last open day rather than 'leaving it till next time'.

Free coffee and tea was laid on as usual with a good selection of biscuits......

Matt was running an American War of Indepence game that turned more competitive as the game wore on. Good fun though and smoothly umpired.

I found a bunch of new fantasy minis in the painting cabinets including new halflings sculpted by John Pickford which look great...............should be released by the end of the year to tie in with clues were given as to what this is to be.....

More later as I should post some pics of the loot.........I did manage to pic up duplicated blisters in error but that's the lure of the lead for you.....

Saturday 11 February 2012

Hammerhead show in Newark..............

Hammerhead show tomorrow in Newark;

Unfortunately it looks like the price has gone up to £4 - must be the Mantic freebie figure.......wish they'd stick with their own ones, I do love the collecting aspect of the miniature hobby. I've collated most of the Hammerhead and Partizan minis on the Lost Minis WIKI

My favorite over the years being the 'Count Carlsberg';

Traders booked in are
4A Miniatures
Ainsty Castings (Carrying Crooked Dice Miniatures)
Baccus 6mm
Black Pyramid Gaming (Carrying Crocodile Games)
Caliver Books
Colonel Bills
Coritani/Magnetic Displays
Critical Mass Miniatures
Dave Thomas (Carrying Artizan/Crusader/Foundry/Perry et al)
David Lanchester Books
Figures in Comfort (Carrying Westwind Miniatures)
Grahams Wuerkshoppe
Ground Zero Games
Hasslefree Miniatures
Heresy Miniatures
Ironclad Miniatures
Lesleys Bitsbox (Carrying KR Multicase)
Mantic Games
MJ Figures
Monarch Books and Miniatures
Pireme Publishing (Miniature Wargames)
Rapier Miniatures
Rathbone Games
The Game Store
Time Was
Tumbling Dice
Urban Construct
Wargames Emporium
Warlord Games

Should be a good laugh with a midday bar meetup.

Just finished a 6 night shift and am completely goosed. Got up at 4pm as the children brought me waffles and a cup of tea. Couldn't be better (although a bacon butty may have improved things....).

Still trying to get hold of a US chap to finish of a trade for 'Empire of the Petal Throne' figures I've sent him. He keeps going off the map so I do think I've lost out which is unfortunate as he seemed a trustworthy sort with a good web presence of his own......hmmmm. I'm sure there is a reason for non-contact.

Life goes on and we await 'The Hobbit' although secretly the 'John Carter' movie is top of the lists........with it being Disney there should be a lot of toy tie-ins result in much fun for modelling projects.

More later.