Tuesday 16 June 2015

Tom Meier interviewed by Iron Wind Metals......

One of the sculpting Gods of this hobby......Tom chats about his early days....if you follow the You Tube link here there are more Iron Wind Metals videos....what a place to work!

I remember seeing Tom's work when Wargames Publication (Scotland) Ltd first imported the Ral Partha line into the UK back in the 70s. 50p each - a fortune at the time but oh so 'wow' factor. Still got these old pieces, lovely soft lead.

(Edit 25/02/2022) - loads of Tom's sculpts are being re-released by Jacob Fathbruckner through Ral Partha Legacy  

I had to pull out of the earlier Iron Wind Metals Kickstarter due to the divorce and the expense of buying a new house but will certainly be picking up a bunch of these releases at some point!

Friday 12 June 2015

Warmonger Group Shot...........

Quick post as I bought a light box for taking pics and thought I'd start with these babies......

There are loads more being sculpted including Chaos types. All weird and wonderful and most thoroughly needed.....that evil infiltrator Steve Casey has a great heads up over on his blog here.

More later!

Thursday 4 June 2015

Valley of the Four Winds - Minifigs reissues Satan and more!

Back in 1978 Games Workshop, Minifigs and Rowland Flynn created a wonderful Hieronymus Boschesque world populated by weird beasts, living skeletons, Swamp Lords, pixies and more...it was a boardgame based around a short story and an extremely imaginative set of miniatures that pushed current figure design forward. 

A great link to peruse the work of Hieronymus Bosch is here.

Excellent review of the Games Workshop Valley of the Four Winds is on Boardgame Geek here.

I've just finished painting (bar a touch up where I just dropped him and the varnishing.....) the old VFWM11 Satan....available here. I tried to keep his 'wang' as low key as possible.....

Highlighted the imps a little...

Quite a few people, myself included, have noticed a distinct resemblance to Satan from the classic 'Pick of Destiny' which, if you haven't seen please believe me when I say you are missing out....Tenacious D 'Tribute' below...the movie is unmissable.

Finally for now, a quick preview of 2 of the unreleased Swamp Lords types.....trying to work out if these were the humanoid overlords for the more bestial (and larger) original release or if they were the prototype which ended up being put on a back burner.....the codes were then taken by the Gondemarian Dwarves.

Dave has them available here. Tell him I sent you please!

As alway; enquiries@deartonyblair.co.uk