Monday, 24 June 2019

New Bob Olley Politicos now available............

It is with not a little amusement that I realised I haven't posted pics of the 4 new caricatures sculpted by the legendary Bob Olley and painted by yours truly.............I've just put them on the 'Blog Minis For Sale!' tab but thought it wise to put them on a full post as well......also painted pics of the previous release of 5. Now you fight your way through politics and storm through Europe, America and the Far East with know what I mean. Ideas for new releases always appreciated......

Bern, Socialist Lord of Change

Corbyn, Bringer of Equality

Merkel, Opener of Gateways

Teresa, Infernal Voice of Confusion

Gaddo, Despoiler of Realms

Kim Do, Inference of Might

Sad Do, Deserted Warrior

Donald, Lord of Covfefe

Hilary, Angel of Surety

All available on the website;

Thursday, 20 June 2019

Reaper Bones Wizard painted..............

Well, I've caught the painting bug somewhat and decided to take a mini out of the latest Reaper Bones Kickstarter box....Arakus Landazad, sculpted by Bobby Jackson and converted to plastic by a.n.other in some inscrutable Chinese laboratory. The mini was easy to put together with superglue, the only drawback being cleaning the mold lines......I think a sharp blade would work wonders as attempting to file the material doesn't work too well. I gave him a wash in soap and water and allowed him to undercoat went on without a problem and I built up from there.....

The professional paint job by Jen Greenwald (pic borrowed off  the Reaper site) just blows me away......wish I'd checked it before starting mine......

Thursday, 6 June 2019

Heritage Models Inc. Dungeon Dwellers - adventure party painted!

Over the years I've posted various articles on Heritage Models (linky) but I don't think I've painted many (barring the John Carter sculpts for an article here) until now! The Old School Miniatures Facebook page (here) is a great source of discussion and inspiration and it got me to thinking I'd not painted enough! The Dungeon Dwellers line came over to the UK back in the day but I didn't get many pieces, concentrating instead on the homegrown Citadel ranges. I did have a bunch of the Heritage / Hinchliffe pieces and even painted a group of their undead......still standing proudly in one of my figure drawers today.....I really must dust them off. Note the early Citadel shield transfers.....

Anyway, I was noting the regular posting of great Heritage paint jobs on the group and, seeing as my own paint mojo had deserted me due to my needing to paint multiple Tenoch for the next Kickstarter, I decided to start a labour of love. The result are ok, tabletop quality suitable to roaming the dungeon deeps of old.

Group shot to kick it off...........

Edit 14th June; Elf added, badly cast original lead so now has an eye patch and a replacement sword.

Classic fighter...


Fighter / henchman....

Every party need a Gnome......

Henchman or thief type..........

Another classic fighter or maybe a ranger.....

Fighter - henchman - thief?

I painted the cross on the back and did wonder why he'd have a cross there...possibly a protective charm......I've since been told that should be a dagger......doh!

Classic thief...............

Just one creature....a Pit Fiend I think.......

There will be more added once I receive my order off Michael Thomas at Classic Miniatures. Michael bought the molds and rights to many of the old Heritage ranges and is a great fellow to chat to about the hobby. If you want to discover more about the range there is also David Campbell's wonderful site, a collector's guide to all things Dungeon Dwellers. Most Heritage Models are pictured on the outstanding Lost Minis WIKI to which I try and contribute whenever new old lead comes my way.

Today is also the 75th anniversary of the D Day landings. As usual I am in awe of the sacrifice of those brave souls. I have had the privilege of watching the BBC 'D-Day 75' this morning which featured live coverage of the commemorative service at Bayeux War Cemetery. Heroes one and all.

Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Bob Naismith old fantasy sculpts....updated.

I was very lucky to pick up a collection of Bob's fantasy sculpts....including the dragon at thought I'd update the original post....problem is you don't know an earlier post has been updated unless you go and look for it...curses. So, I've copied the original text, expanded a little and added the new pics......still a couple of 'not sure' sculpts which could do with some confirmation......

Back in the late 70s and early 80s Bob sculpted a number of now out of production fantasy pieces for various companies. I am led to believe he first sculpted for Wargames Publications (Scotland) Ltd. He sculpted a large amount of historical, both in 15mm and 25mm under 'Naismith Design' label which were distributed by Navwar Productions Limited. The 15mm are mostly still available however the 25mm are long gone and Navwar have never been able to supply any information regarding the masters etc. I would assume they are gathering dust in one of Bob's Highland hideaways......the man is a true Scot through and through. He has sculpted for many different companies over the years including being responsible for the first Games Workshop Space Marines (should I insert a 'TM' there?) - the old classic Womble helmeted ones. He left GW around 1990 to become freelance. He sculpted a large Sci Fi range 'Cobalt' that has recently been picked up by Black Hat Miniatures...they are expanding it and they are superb. He is currently producing plastic for both Fireforge Games and Mantic Games although has branched off into his own very nice range of Sci Fi 'Overunners', available on his new website;

These are what I have of the fantasy he released under Naismith Design.....If anyone has any other variants please let me know.

F1 Dungeoneer Duck

F2 Adventurer Elf ready to travel (versions 1 and 2)

F3 Superhero in cape & tights (version 1 and 2)

F4 Thief Adventurer with loot and pack

F5 Skeleton Warrior with sword and shield

F6 Knight of the Order of the Chaotic Pig

F7 Hunchback half troll prowling

 F8 Unarmoured troll advancing

 This one has no markings but seems to fit the description for a second version?

F9 Armoured troll striking - 2 variants, first one is confirmed.....a little assumption with the second....

F10 Troll with shoulder plate marching with a possible 2nd variant below?

F11 Mutant four armed adventurer (versions 1 and 2)

F12 Green adventurer with "muscles" & sword (versions 1 and 2)

F13 Knight of the Order of the Chaotic Ant (versions 1 and 2)

F14 Wizard casting spell

F15 Witch, invoking the spirits

F16 Orc standing guard

 F17 Orc marching, half armoured

F18 Orc in chainmail & plumed helmet advancing

F19 Dwarf with Axe

F20 Armoured Dwarf drawing dagger

SD1 Dragon - Something Special.................

And an unknown hunchback......I don't think he quite fits F7 Hunchback half troll prowling although someone may know better??

Unknown......from his size he belongs to the trolls but there is no code for him.....he doesn't seem to completely fit the 'Knight of the Chaotic Pig'  stance when comparing him to the Chaotic Ant Knight above.....thoughts?? I've now put him as F9 Armoured troll striking up above but the jury is still out....

Two different base inscriptions (I know, I am very sad and lonely). One had the code added which is always useful....

The previous post is here and has pics of some of the wonderful Amesomerican ranges Bob sculpted.

There is a nice interview here at the Magpie & Old Lead blog, another here at the Realm of Chaos 80s blog and a recent one on the tabletop Gaming page here.

The historical ranges are available via this site - I haven't ordered as yet as I didn't get a reply to an email so if you do order please let me know.