Wednesday, 27 November 2019

Miniature Figurines Magazine 'Minimag' Volume 1, Number 4...

Some spare time whilst the hound sleeps so I've got the second copy of the magazine up. It would be nice to get hold of more of these, if only to record them for posterity... please let me know if you have any and can scan them or lend them to me to do so. Thank you.

Previous copy below or click here.

Sunday, 24 November 2019

Miniature Figurines Magazine 'Minimag' Volume 1, Number 2...

Produced around 1971, this is a little piece of old school miniatures' history. With a foreword by the founder and director Neville Dickinson, it starts with an interesting story of their printer going bankrupt... and the fact that the printer had mistakenly produced 1000 copies of the first issue when they had only ordered 500... they sold most of the 1000... a sure sign of the early growth of the hobby. Miniature Figurines were one of the most prolific of the early pioneers of wargaming founded in 1964. This issues includes a painting article by the renowned Dick Higgs, unfortunately it's the second part so I'll need to somehow find a copy of issue one. Miniature Figurines are still going strong of course, having been bought in 2009 by Caliver Books. Dave Ryan is slowly getting all the old figures back in production including, to my delight, the fantasy ranges... he also keep finding mysterious pieces that weren't released back in the day... keep 'em coming Dave.

Also there is a much later mystery Minifigs' sculpt that is possibly a tribute to a surfing movie hero... any thoughts?

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Thursday, 31 October 2019

Politicopoly - it's a Brexit nightmare!

Well, we all know I don't do politics but sometimes you have to nudge the boat... Bob Olley sculpts for the Politicos range from The Little Soldier Company

It has already hit its low funding goal so if it does keep going I may commission a stretch goal or two...thoughts? John Bercow? Nelson Mandela? George Bush?

Any shares or promotion appreciated folks!

Tuesday, 22 October 2019

Dragontooth Personalites - P41 Halfling Magician

Well, in an effort to find my hobby mojo I decided to tackle this little guy. A Tom Loback sculpt from the P range of personalities - mostly supplied as a mounted and foot version, the exception being; 

P1 Wizard, Ranger & Dwarf King
P2 Goblin Captains
P3 Pegasi (Winged Horses)
P4 Hippogriff & Unicorn
P5 Saurian Capt. & Champions
P6 Superhero & Superheroine
P7 Dungeon Feast

P7 Dungeon Feast (an 'interesting' Mike Gilbert sculpt) was retired and replaced by the first of the duo sets, Adventurer or Thief.

There are 51 codes in the range so 45 of these duos to collect...I'm still missing P42 Elfin Thief or Adventurer, P43 Celtic Wizard, P48 Celtic Warrior Prince and P50 Dwarf Warrior in Chainmail so if you have any of them to trade or sell please let me know. The full range can be seen here.

Tom sculpting in wax using a paint brush which gives his characters of lot of ebb and flow in their movement. I am totally addicted to his work of course....

Still needs varnishing of course but it was a thoroughly enjoyable set to paint.