Saturday, 14 May 2022

Shadows of Centralis New Monthly Magazine: Issue #1


I just came across this great little new magazine, ostensibly to support the author's (John Wombat) game of the same name but full of interesting articles and interviews from some of the industries top sculptors. His website is a great read... what's not to love! Please pick up a copy as we need to encourage ventures like this.

The game itself is available from me at The Little Soldier Company...

I've copied over John's own introduction to the magazine;

Welcome, Orb dwellers, to the first issue of Shadows of Centralis Monthly Magazine. Including background stories, new scenarios, and all the latest news, as well as featuring hobby articles, reviews, exclusive interviews with personalities from the miniatures and wargaming worlds, and more, Shadows of Centralis Monthly Magazine is the essential companion for players of the Shadows of Centralis game.

In this month’s issue we will be taking a closer look at the Shadows of Centralis game, and the armies involved. In addition, this month’s Army Focus, which will be a regular feature of the magazine, has an in depth look at the diseased, T’Zor-worshipping Damned.

Discussing all things horror, another regular feature of Shadows of Centralis Monthly Magazine will be Horror Fiends. This month’s Horror Fiends focusses on one of our favourite writers, the creator of the Cthulhu Mythos, the architect of weirdness that is the wonderful H.P. Lovecraft.

In celebration of the book’s release, available exclusively from Lucid Eye Publications, a special Shadows of Centralis miniature has been created by sculpting legend Steve Saleh. We take a closer look at this wonderful model.

Since launching in 2019, having released more than thirty sets of models across a dozen ranges, Wargames Atlantic have already gained a reputation as a prolific manufacturer of superb 28mm hard plastic miniatures. Discussing the company’s foundations, head honcho Hudson Adams expands on Wargames Atlantic’s future plans.

Completing this month’s issue, laying down their tools and kindly taking time out of their busy schedules, sculptors Tim Prow and Trish Carden talk exclusively with Shadows of Centralis Monthly Magazine.


Shadows of Centralis Monthly Magazine

Shadows of Centralis: A Look at the Game

Exclusive Shadows of Centralis Miniature by Lucid Eye Publications

Diehard Miniatures: A Talk with Tim Prow

Shadows of Centralis: Armies Snapshot

Beast Master: Catching up with Trish Carden

Wargames Atlantic: Head Honcho Hudson Adams

Rome: And the Wars of the Middle Sea

Horror Fiends: H.P. Lovecraft

Army Focus: The Damned

Shadows of Centralis: Website

Model Manufacturers

John's website is below with lots more articles and interviews;

The physical magazine can be picked up off Amazon at the link below;

or you can also download a PDF over on his site;

More later!

Sunday, 1 May 2022

Bill Lamming, Neville Dickson, Donald Featherstone and more...


A hobby friend posted this Bill Lamming interview on one of the Facebook groups which got me looking my copy up. Hopefully high enough quality to read/ download. Battle Magazine was/is a great read and a fantastic resource to jump back into. I just picked up a wonderful pile of Wargamer's Newsletter along with another copy of Table Top Talk July 1966 and a very earlier copy of Wargames Terrain by Donald Sutherland.

I still have numerous Lamming figures... some of my earliest metal figures. I painted up some Romans and Vikings, half painted some later Landsknechts and got addicted to their separate heads and weapons. Don't forget that Lamming Miniatures are now back! Tell them I sent you...

Wargames Terrain... a rather threadbare copy but one I will cherish.

From Wargamer's Newsletter January 1968...

Neville Dickinson, Wargamer of the month!

Possibly the earliest Minifigs advert?

A letter from Neville...

Notts Wargame Association 1974 National Convention...

Some slightly later adverts from WN...

Dave Ryan at Caliver Books is slowly re-releasing all the Minifigs back catalogue. Top job that man.

Lots of the old Der Kriegspielers minis are available now from Michael Thomas over at Classic Miniatures;

A lovely gem of a pic, Frank Hinchliffe, Peter Beaton, Peter Gilder and Tony Sovill...

I spent a very enjoyable Saturday afternoon and early evening reading through the latest cache of publications. Hopefully I'll get more scanned at some point.

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Thursday, 28 April 2022

Games Day 1981 Programme Guide


With many thanks to a great hobby friend, I thought this might be of interest... great to see many of the old companies that are now long gone listed as being present. It was held at the Royal Horticultural Society's New Hall on Greycoat Street... possible pic below. I know I went to at least two of the Games Days back in the day down in London, but I cannot for the life of me remember which ones. One trip was organised by the GW Manchester shop and another I drove down to. No programmes kept unfortunately... not sure why as I normally keep everything.

And on to the programme...

I've scanned and uploaded them as .png files which should allow them to be enlarged (or saved and looked at later).

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Friday, 15 April 2022

Empire of the Petal Throne minis on eBay...


Not often I eBay stuff from my collection but needs must... one Churstalli and a Hluss Neuter Warrior... edit; just the Hluss Neuter Warrior left now...


Around 1980, PHD Games Inc picked up the license to produce the Old Guard / Ral Partha range of EPT miniatures. They seem to have been produced in a lead free type pewter alloy which is very hard and not the easiest to clean up / drill. The Churstalli comes in 9 pieces and will require some cleaning up and gluing etc. One of the feet have become separated so will require some fiddly sorting out... I would say it would glue to a base easier than attempting to drill and pin as the metal is extremely hard. I picked up a few of the minis a long time ago from the States, I assume they were from a shop closeout or similar. The figure does not come with the card, that is staying with my copy as I only got the one. This is not a recast and is sold as I received it. 

The Hluss Neuter Warrior comes in 9 pieces and will require some cleaning up and gluing etc. I picked up a few of the minis a long time ago from the States, I assume they were from a shop closeout or similar. The figure does not come with the card, that is staying with my copy as I only got the one. This is not a recast and is sold as I received it.

Normal service to resume shortly!

Friday, 8 April 2022

Minifigs ME1 Man-Orc with Sword - the box!


Every so often I dig out something that makes me smile. This is just a box, very true... however this isn't just any old box, this is a Minifigs box! The first coded mini for the Middle Earth / Mythical Earth range. There's still argument over who produced the first of the fantasy ranges... people still argue that Jack Scruby may have been the first but I think they came after Minifigs around 1975 whereas Minifigs advertised in 1973... the way adverts went back in the day you needed to send your material well in advance as well.

Minifigs ME over on the Lost Minis WIKI here.

Jack Scruby fantasy here.

Note the COMING SOON section at the bottom (Military Modelling, July 1973)

More details on this post;

The old Minifigs ME catalogue page...

An earlier box of unknown date... picked the image up off eBay some time ago so unsure where from. All kudos to the original poster. 

My own painted ME34 Giant... tried to make him more worrying looking than the casting suggests!

Lots more Scruby and Minifigs posts if you want to have a browse, check the tags on the right of the blog. Don't forget that Dave Ryan over at Caliver Books / Minifigs is slowly rereleasing all the old fantasy... 

If you're interested, I appeared on the Rollin Bones show the other night... Canadian time 20:00... UK time 02:00. I'm still recovering! A good chat about the history and evolution of miniatures in tabletop gaming although I think I kept straying back to my own love of old lead.

I've also put a couple of old Empire of the Petal Throne minis on eBay... got to pay that mortgage somehow!