Friday 30 December 2022

John Carter of Mars - Hinchliffe Models - Part 3 - Most of the range done.


Belated Merry Xmas to everyone... my chest bug has kept me busy coughing and spluttering throughout the holiday season and shows no sign of abating (such is the life of the ex smoker asthmatic). I did, at least, 'design' a Christmas card on the Midjourney AI app but wasn't up to getting it out there so it's posted below... Happy New Year in advance and I will try better next year!

Onto the miniatures! The final 2 are SF4 Red Martian Maiden with pistol and SF9 Green Martian Warrior... both basic paint jobs as with the rest of the range (or my excuse for poor painting!). I'm only missing SF6 White Martian Chief as I gave my copy to Mike at Broadsword Miniatures for the upcoming remolding. He was missing his sword which hopefully will be taken care of once the project gets full steam ahead. If anyone has a spare then please let me know so I can finish the range. I do need to paint another SF5 Black Martian, radium rifle as a Black Martian - the one I've finished I did as a Red Martian for some reason.

SF4 Red Martian Maiden with pistol (same sculpting dolly as SF11 Red Martian Princess)

I think I'll go back to my older style of painting...

SF9 Green Martian Warrior

Size comparison between the two...

The White Ape, Martian Lion and Treeman in all their ferocious splendour!

The Green Martian Horde!

All the humanoid Martian types...

The full range barring the aforementioned SF6 and the unreleased SF15 Martian Dog...

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Wednesday 14 December 2022

John Carter of Mars - Part 2 - More Hinchliffe Models


I've quite caught the bug with these... Broadsword Miniatures are due to be re-releasing them at some point in the not too distant future. As before, I'm doing basic paint jobs to try and suit the sculpting style.

SF17 Green Martian mounted on large Thoat

Here pictured with his adversary SF16 Red Martian mounted on Thoat

SF13 Plant Man... I did give him a pupil before reading that they don't have one!

Here we have a hapless SF3 Red Martian Warrior, sword and dagger about to be tail wamped...

Next in line... I've actually just started the ferocious SF12 White Ape. In truth I'm not sure which is more 'ferocious', this White Ape or the old Minifigs ME range Balrog.

There are quite a few John Carter articles on the blog if you're interested;

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Thursday 1 December 2022

John Carter of Mars - Hinchliffe 1970's style...


I dug out some of an old bunch of Hinchliffe I'd got off eBay some years ago and thought I'd slap some paint on them. They are crude sculpts by todays standards however they are true old school and I love them. Peter Gilder was the sculptor as with most of Hinchliffe's output and, although he was firmly a historicals man, I think he poured at least a little love into them.

From left to right; SF2 Red Martian Warrior, Radium Rifle, SF1 Red Martian Chief, SF3 Red Martian Warrior, sword and dagger and SF5 Black Martian, radium rifle (painted as a Red Martian for this lot).



Here they face off against a Black Cat Bases Migo... seemed like a good idea to finish that off at long last as well.

I also  took a pic of SF11 Red Martian Princess and SF10 John Carter - Martian War Lord that I'd painted a while back for a magazine article.

Comparison shot of a SF2 Red Martian Warrior I'd painted at the same time alongside the newer one...

Next up on the workbench are SF17 Green Martian mounted on large Thoat, SF16 Red Martian mounted on Thoat and SF7 White Martian Warrior, sword. These were painted back in the day by someone so will need cleaning up etc!

There are quite a few John Carter articles on the blog if you're interested;

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Tuesday 22 November 2022

Dragontooth Giants - G9 Reptilian Giant & misc.


This is an interestingly basic sculpt that I fell in love with whilst painting. Not sure of the sculptor so if you know please leave a comment! The weapon was sculpted for it by a good hobby friend as the original had long gone. I'll possibly be adding some skulls to the base... apart from that just varnishing needed. I love the fact that he seems to be grinning with pleasure.

Also found my old G8 Hrugnir the Giant Carrying his Loot... this is the solid version, he was later cast as hollow. I must get around to weighing him as it's a massive chunk of lead. I picked up the photo print of him a while back... it has G8 stamped on the reverse so I assume it was for promotional purposes?

The box I 'found' him in...

I'd love to get hold of a hollow cast copy and also a carded one.

A few of the Dragontooth giants were based on illustrations from the 'Giants' book. Well worth picking a copy up.

That's it for now. I'm full of 'man flu' so am feeling very sorry for myself...

Dragontooth Personalities - P2 Goblin Captains


Just a quick post to put up another of the P range finished (barring varnishing). Possibly sculpted by Michael Katok? Not the nicest of figures to paint and my mojo was sorely tested but, hey ho, at least they're done. 

Not the greatest of paint jobs I'm afraid... I'm determined to get the whole of the P range painted at some point!