Thursday 25 July 2013

Empire of the Petal Throne Update - Priest of Ksárul and some Qól

Just a quick update...possibly the last before holidays. Tried this scheme for the Priest of Ksárul...hope it works.

Based a set of the Qól.....attempting to make it look like they're standing on rocky outcrops.....only time will tell :)

See previous post for more details.........

Wednesday 24 July 2013

Empire of the Petal Throne - Palanquin set with Priest of Ksárul carried by Qól

I was lucky enough to be sent a horde of Qól by Howard Fielding of The Tékumel Project . I have spent the last couple of days' spare moments putting together and basing the Palanquin set - it comes with a choice of Priest or Priestess of Ksárul....for more information there is also the Tékumel Foundation.

When putting this together I decided to use the male Priest of Ksárul and ended up filing down the arms of the throne to allow a more comfortable and natural looking positioning. The Priestess sits a lot better but I er......well, wanted the Priest. Having cleaned up the throne I drilled out the pole holes and glued the poles in position, I then placed the cleaned up Qól bearers in place on the base (2 X GW monster bases as I had run out of their chariot bases). Once I was happy with the positioning I dropped superglue gently on to poles and the bases. Slightly tricky but the end effect works fine....I had tried positioning them individually and it had been a nightmare of juggling and profanities. The Priestess is a nice figure and obviously in conversation with the Priest as they are leaning towards each other......just need another palanquin for that as my initial idea of having them both on the piece didn't quite sit right....every pun intended.

If using the Priestess then the arms do not need filing down as shown here...............

Monday 15 July 2013

Tony Yates illustrations.....yeah baby.

The legend that is Tony Yates sent me a bunch of illustrations a while back and here they are.....some of these are from the time of the Laserburn rules that Tony illustrated (now available again here from - others are more recent concept sketches for the Wargames Foundry Street Violence range  (everything remains his copy right etc)


Friday 12 July 2013

Dragontooth City of Magic II - King Niflung's Throne Hall

In the early 80s Tom Loback's General Artworks or Dragontooth Inc released a series of dioramas based around a City of Magic. Designed by Tom Loback and Stephen Tofano, they produced 'limited' runs of 500 or 1000 collectors versions - still not sure what the difference was to the general release version (if there was one) unless it was the inclusion of the certificate which appears most likely. They appear on ebay etc occasionally either boxed or shrink wrap card. 

The Magic Shop
The Dwarf Armory
Ye Blind Cyclops Inn
Tomb of the Dwarf King
King Niflung's Throne Hall

A few years later an English company, Shot Tower Studios, released a few diorama sets along the same lines. Short lived but very nice old school designs by Tim to some of my pics on the Lost Minis WIKI here.

Anyway, on to some pics taken off ebay...I tried to contact the seller but was unable to get hold of them. If he (or she) happens along and wants them removed I will do so. If anyone knows the buyer send them my way as I would love some updated pics!

I am still looking for this set and will trade first born etc. 

Link to my 'Ye Blind Cyclops Inn' post here.

Monday 8 July 2013

Firedraek Exotic Miniatures - the 70s revisited again..............

I know almost nothing about these larger scale figures I picked up some time ago except that they were featured in a 'capsule' review in a old Fantasy Modelling Magazine and occasionally come up on evil bay. I recently found this 1978 advert so.......sculpted by C P Schenfeld and distributed by Classic Miniatures of Nevada......anyone know any more?

ELD-1 Jharud-Nur Centaur

ELD-2 Gurathi Minotaur

Thinking on it this morning, there was also a pic of a Grim Reaper type in that Fantasy Modelling......must dig it out and take a pic.

Saturday 6 July 2013

Garrison Miniatures old, old box....................

Came across this is my delving today so thought I would share.......Code RE7 Roman of some old school it's wonderful....not sure of the actual date unfortunately but we are looking mid 70's I would have thought.....

Checking out Rob Young's Garrison Miniatures site it looks like this is a 20mm figure although it is taller.....I will measure it later! His catalogue code RE07; Legionary Parade Dress Half Armour, Pilum, Shield and Crested Helmet is here.

Tuesday 2 July 2013

Thane Tostig Quest II - versus the might of Merlin!

February 1978......a great time for minis. Barry Minot got around to releasing the 2nd quest for that itinerant Saxon Thane Tostig and his band of merry men (woman and dog)....I'm not aware of a ruleset ever being produced but if anyone knows differently please let me know...

'Necromancer' never saw the light of day if it was related to Thane Tostig...many years later (well, 5 or 6 maybe a few more...must check....) he released a short-lived Victorian horror range.......still waiting to find any examples of these...grrrrrrr. Help! I've listed the range on the Lost Minis WIKI here. Below are a few examples from the 2nd quest range from my collection. At the bottom a tantalising glimpse of the Golden Warrior himself....Talis!

Talis himself!

Barry also did historical..........

Oh, and a link to my first Thane Tostig article here.