Wednesday 20 May 2020

New Tenoch now available - Kev Adams' Oldhammer goodness...

Apologies for pimping my goods again but I really need to get these out there... they've sat on my painting table for far too long however, the first batch are now production moulded and up on the website...

Inspired by the likes of the old Dragontooth Saurians and Citadel Slann, the Tenoch have a large amount of sculpts to follow... both Pete Brown at The Mouldmaker, Chris Nicholls at Macrocosm and Chris Taylor at Lancaster Casting have done me proud.


Hopefully these will be met with enthusiasm and allow me to get the rest into production!

Friday 15 May 2020

Chameleon Khamaí finally released!

Sculpted by the reknowned John Robertson, these come as a blistered set of 10. More are to follow soon as is a large expansion of the ranks of the Kev Adams sculpted Tenoch... watch this space! Miniatures are painted by Andy Hides.

Sunday 3 May 2020

Oldhammer at last! Marauder Miniatures 1989 Catalogue...

I was searching the attic for some minis and found a box full of papers including this catalogue. Sculpting legends Trish and Aly Morrison left the fold of Games Workshop in 1988. There is a little more info on Stuff of Legends. GW mail order sent out flyers and such like so I'm not sure how the arrangement was administered. Around 1993 they went back under the GW umbrella and the sculpts were integrated into GW lines. I totally adore the Chaos Dwarves which were all based on Citadel Knights of Chaos - there's a site showing the comparisons here (thanks Mike and Jason). It's amazing the things you find when looking through old boxes.

Hope you're all keeping as safe as possible during this weird time we live in.