Monday 2 March 2020

Hinchliffe Models Sci Fi range finally complete...

Back in 1981 Hinchliffe expanded the FA fantasy range with a bunch of 13 new codes for Sci Fi. They do not particularly look like Peter Gilder sculpts so the search is on to find the artist. I finally managed to pick up the last of the range and it arrived this morning... it had been guess work as there have never been any pics. I placed the initial 12 on the Lost Minis WIKI from when I picked up the first bunch back in 2009. They are a weird bunch although rather nice... the Marilyn Monroe 'Female entertainer' is especially interesting although not sure how she fits in a Sci Fi setting. If I could find where I've stored the rest I would take new images... grrrrrrr.

Edit; courtesy of John Preece in comments, these are most likely designed by Dave Sparrow who followed in Peter Gilder's footsteps. Now if anyone has any info on Dave Sparrow??

FA69 Crostician Armoured Infantry with Ray Gun

FA70 Multíerian Male with Telescopic Slicer

FA71 Multíerian Female with Zone Contaminator

FA72 Faunian Enchantress with Magnetic Rod

FA73 Reptilian Rex Primary Hypnotiser

FA74 Multíerian City Guard

FA75 Crostician Armoured Infantry with Sword

FA76 Faunian Wizard Guard

FA77 Federation Desert Shock Trooper

FA78 Star Guide with Laser Gun

FA79 Union Storm Trooper

FA80 Federation Shock Trooper with Thermal Lance

FA81 Female Entertainer

There was a final FA release but this was a fantasy witch... It would be very interesting to see any ads for these... I got the original listing via a Military Modelling ad but can only find the one... not sure which issue now of course. If anyone has any ideas on the sculptor please make a comment below!


Springinsfeld said...

They are great figures... I have a few which I hope to use in a 40k game or similar to see the look of awe on the other players faces. I unit of Crosticians might look rather amusing. They really do look like Barry Minot sculpts to me.

johnpreece said...

This link gives some background which may be helpful. In terms of output Dave Sparrow was the most likely sculptor after PG. I do see the point about Minot though he was marketing his own fantasy ranges at this time.

David Wood said...

Thanks John, post edited.

William Butler said...

Definitely sculpted by Dave Sparrow. See
The last figure is actually a female entertainer.

David Wood said...

Thanks William, I had just updated the WIKI. There's a later Metal Magic figure attributed to Dave that is very similar in style so I think we have solved the mystery!