Tuesday 8 May 2012

John Carter Miniatures .......

Well, I am furiously attempting to paint a bunch of 70s lead miniatures for the end of May - this being the deadline for the OSFMapa journal.  Almost finished my article but need the pics....if I don't finish them then it's down to unpainted ones - not a problem either way but it would be nice to have finished them at last...they've been waiting 35 or more years.

I am still annoyed that the film bombed at the box office. Rich Ross, the head of the Disney film making studio has resigned..... personally I feel he must have had an enemy in the ranks so JC was bombed from the planning stages. You don't f**k with Hollywood boys.

"The film, which was based on a series of books by Tarzan writer Edgar Rice Burroughs, eventually cost more than $250m (£155m, 189m euros) and last month Disney said it expected the film to lose about $200m"

If anyone from Disney is reading this please let them know that I would be willing to take his place. I have both teenage and younger children and am aware of what sells in the movie world. I will also take a pay cut from whatever he was on. Win-Win situation...................I can be there within the week....................

Heritage John Carter on Thoat

Heritage Dejah Thoris, to be added to above plus Woolah, to be added to the base once finished

Heritage Red Martian on either end,  Hinchliffe Martian Princess and Heritage Dejah Thoris

Hinchliffe Red Martian on Thoat

Unknown mounted figure.....

 Just got an email and this is from Stan Johansen, sculpted in the early 70s. 

Stan has a great website and some great miniatures;

John Carter Compatible Figure

Brilliant sculpt by David Soderquest from Bronze Age Miniatures

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