Friday 21 August 2015

Minifigs Sword & Sorcery - 1970s revisited.....just the cavalry for now....

The old designer, Richard 'Dick' Higgs apparently sculpted using solder and a 25 watt soldering iron....the Sword & Sorcery range was one of the earliest fantasy ranges (their ME range in 1972 was, I believe, the earliest) based on the works of Robert E Howard...they even changed the names at some point after legal wrangles...I'd love to know more.......anyway, I'll start with the of what I have and blanks of what I'm time goes on I'll hopefully fill the blanks in. The Lost Minis WIKI has some more pictured here but still not! If you can correct anything misidentified let me know please! There was an early catalogue with a page of pics however my copy has disappeared and Richard (Stuff of Legends) Hale can't remember giving me a xerox of the relevant page ....aaaggghhh!!!

SSC1 Cimmerian Light Horse with (missing) spear (I think)

SSC2 (Caravan City Lancer) / Cimmerian Light Horse with sword

SSC3 Zamporan Spearman

SSC4 (Eastern Empire Light Horse) / Eastern Light Horse Lancer

SSC5 (Eastern Kingdom Heavy Lancer) / Eastern Heavy Lancer

SSC6 (Eastern Empire Mounted Officer) / Eastern Officer

SSC7 (Eastern Empire Imperial Lancer)  / Eastern Standard Bearer

SSC8 (Eastern Steppe Nomad Lancer) / Hykranian Light Horse   

SSC9 (Steppes Swordsman) / Hykranian Officer

SSC10 Poitevan Knight with lance

SSC11 Aquitanean Knight with Battleaxe          

SSC12 (Western Kingdoms Mounted Knight) / Aquitanean Knight with Standard           

SSC13 Mid Western Knight with lance

SSC14 (West Midland Kingdom Knight Lancer Mounted) / Mid Western Mercenary

SSC15 (West Midland Kingdom Mounted Standard) / Mid Western Standard Bearer

SSC16 (Southern Grassland Kingdom Bowman) / Shemite Horse archer

SSC17 Shemite Officer

SSC18 Vandan Lancer

SSC19 (Kingdom of the Hind Mace) / Vandan Officer

SSC20 (Desert Brigand Tribe Mounted Horsebow) / Desert Horse Archer

SSC21 (Desert Brigand Tribe Chieftain) / Desert Officer

SSC22 Hill Tribesman

SSC23 (Eastern Free City State Knight Mounted) / Khojan Knight

SSC24 Khojan Lancer

SSC25 Khojan Officer

SSC26 (Black Kingdom Mounted Spearman) / Kushite Spearman

Not sure which these 2 are although they are (pretty certainly...) from this range.....

Edit - he's from the Alexander Nevski range. Lots of compatible figures in that range once Dave gets them all re-released.

(possibly SSC26) - thanks to Tim Peterson for correctly identifying this one below.

'The bottom picture is not from the S&S range, it's the later style adopted after they redid the old PB ranges, and is from a Personality range. It is presently available as IRCX 3 Dacian King.

I double checked with Caliver Books. (I was originally wrong as to the code, but I knew the series it was from.... from about 40 years ago. Gad I'm old, I still think of it as new...'

I had to leave the last bit in just to remind me that I'm not the only old school hobbyist around :)

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Herr Zinnling said...

I like the simplicity of the sculpts.

ThisBlogisAButtholeClog! said...

Kind of cheap looking.

David Wood said...

You've got to think of how sculpts were back then. Different world!

Anonymous said...

The 2nd unidentified Knight is from the Alexander Nevsky range, I had a few in my Aquilonian Army in the 80s.

David Wood said...

Thanks, I painted a bunch of the foot knights back in the day that I still have somewhere.