Friday 11 September 2015

Archive Miniatures Robots

Just picked these up off a Lead Adventure Forum colleague. Lovely minis although bit of a swine to put together. Both from the Star Rovers line.

2009 Juggerbot, Killer Robot

2010 Roberker, Giant Robot


As Nevile recently said of the Jutterbog;

My favourite robot, of the ones I sculpted. It was - and still is - a bitch to put (and keep) together. I recommend clipping off the bumps extending from the legs and arms, and substituting wire pins to attach them to the body. This one is based on a cover illustration for one of the old sci-fi pulp rags of yesteryear.

and of the Roberker;

This one is the absolute mother of nightmares to put together. I could never do it without pinning it. This is also from an old pulp rag sci fi cover illo.


northtroll said...

Ach, yes the roberker has to be pinned together. And still it can come loose!:(

Unknown said...

Deliciously retro