Sunday, 28 August 2016

Martian Metals' unreleased minis...........

Came across an interesting review of 2 pieces slated for release in 1982 that I've never seen before - 'Fallen Dragon' and 'Panzerdillo'. The former being self explanatory and the latter....well......a cross between a WW1 French tank and an Armadillo.......certainly an interesting design! Martian Metals went out of business following a fire at their warehouse which destroyed their molds.....the masters survived and everything was insured.....not sure why they didn't carry on but I assume there were reasons......

Panzerdillo is obviously based on the ELP Tarkus album cover.....

Lots of interesting links across the internet for Martian Metals - if anyone knows more please add them in the comments.

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remaras said...

Are you certain that Martian Metals is no longer in business?

David Wood said...

Definitely unfortunately. The minis can be picked up off eBay for various prices depending on the seller etc. Wish they'd re-release but I've no idea of where they all are now to even query it.