Wednesday 13 September 2017

Ral Partha CS1 Wood Elf with Bow.....Tom Meier Old School.

I haven't painted any of the Ral Partha Collector Series in a long time so decided to have a go on one that had turned up in a job lot. Having completed one I have the caught the bug for more but I have no idea where my box of them are so he will have to do for now. Excuse his left eye - I missed the mold line somehow when cleaning him up and eventually gave up trying to paint that eye......just need to finish the base and varnish him now.

When this range first came out I was overwhelmed by the sheer beauty of the, in my opinion, had managed to capture the beauty of the Elven form like Tom Meier. Today it is different with the likes of Werner Klocke, Kev White etc but back in the day Tom ruled almost unchallenged. 

The full CS range is listed on Lost Minis here and also on Stuff of Legends here.

I've borrowed the listing off Stuff of Legends to point out that there are gaps in the numbers - does anyone out there have any idea of anything that should be filling them? There are no catalogue clues anywhere.

02-001  Wood Elf with Bow
02-002  Wood Elf with Bow and Sword
02-003  Wood Elf firing Bow
02-004  Wood Elf with pike
02-005  Wood Elf Cavalry with Spear
02-006  Sea Elf with Pike
02-007  Sea Elf Advancing with Pike
02-008  Sea Elf with Great Sword
02-009  High Elf Strikiing with Axe
02-010  High Elf with Sword
02-011  High Elf Advancing with Sword
02-012  High Elf with Spear
02-014  High Elf Firing Bow
02-015  High Elf Cavalry with Great Sword
02-016  Elf Horse Archer
02-019  Elf Command Group
02-020  Elf Chariot
02-021  Deep Elf Firing Bow
02-023  Deep Elf with Halbard
02-025  Deep Elf Cavalry with Lance

Iron Wind Metals have re-released a lot of them in their Chaos Wars line (here) and Tom has added a couple of sculpts to the line. Tom really is the master of the Elven form - check out his Thunderbolt Mountain sculpts here.


Phil Curran said...

These figures take me back to when I was just starting out. My friend spent a fortune building up a RalPartha force. I went team dwarf

Springinsfeld said...

My very first elf figure...I love the renaissance vibe of this elf range.

Gareth said...

Wonderfully characterful and a very nice paint-job too. In my opinion Tom Meier's elves have never been bettered.

Gareth @