Tuesday 26 June 2018

The Little Soldier Company website is now live!

Well, it's been a while but it's finally up there. 

The Noggin the Nog Kickstarter is currently being fulfilled and I'm prepping for the next one. At some point I'll get back to old school minis I promise. Divorce, redundancy and such like have occupied my life for the last 3 years but hopefully I'm getting there!

C&C in comments below please!


Springinsfeld said...

Well done Dave, a red letter day. lovely figures...I hadn't seen the Sla....er I mean Tenoch before.

David Wood said...

Thanks Mike, email me direct if you want any.

Citizen Sade said...

Looking good, Dave. Hope it does well for you.

A couple of suggestions. One, you might want to consider adding an ‘About us/me’ section to the website. Two, there’s quite a bit of fluff text before you get to see your Tenoch figures, so you might want to think about shortening it, showing the figures first or having it on a seperate page.