Wednesday 14 December 2022

John Carter of Mars - Part 2 - More Hinchliffe Models


I've quite caught the bug with these... Broadsword Miniatures are due to be re-releasing them at some point in the not too distant future. As before, I'm doing basic paint jobs to try and suit the sculpting style.

SF17 Green Martian mounted on large Thoat

Here pictured with his adversary SF16 Red Martian mounted on Thoat

SF13 Plant Man... I did give him a pupil before reading that they don't have one!

Here we have a hapless SF3 Red Martian Warrior, sword and dagger about to be tail wamped...

Next in line... I've actually just started the ferocious SF12 White Ape. In truth I'm not sure which is more 'ferocious', this White Ape or the old Minifigs ME range Balrog.

There are quite a few John Carter articles on the blog if you're interested;

More later!

Broadsword Miniatures link;


tradgardmastare said...

Really pleased to here these will be available once more. I have happy memories of them in my teenage years.

Rick Priestley said...

That large Thoat is a chunk and a half of metal isn't it! Great to see this range given some love :)

Independentwargamesgroup said...

A cracking range in a bizarre way, you've done well to have these figures, well done.

EY said...

Thanks for the link to Broadsword. I didn't know that these minis were being resurrected.

Whistling Chris said...

Ah - so charming! I might have to check the range out.