Friday 30 December 2022

John Carter of Mars - Hinchliffe Models - Part 3 - Most of the range done.


Belated Merry Xmas to everyone... my chest bug has kept me busy coughing and spluttering throughout the holiday season and shows no sign of abating (such is the life of the ex smoker asthmatic). I did, at least, 'design' a Christmas card on the Midjourney AI app but wasn't up to getting it out there so it's posted below... Happy New Year in advance and I will try better next year!

Onto the miniatures! The final 2 are SF4 Red Martian Maiden with pistol and SF9 Green Martian Warrior... both basic paint jobs as with the rest of the range (or my excuse for poor painting!). I'm only missing SF6 White Martian Chief as I gave my copy to Mike at Broadsword Miniatures for the upcoming remolding. He was missing his sword which hopefully will be taken care of once the project gets full steam ahead. If anyone has a spare then please let me know so I can finish the range. I do need to paint another SF5 Black Martian, radium rifle as a Black Martian - the one I've finished I did as a Red Martian for some reason.

SF4 Red Martian Maiden with pistol (same sculpting dolly as SF11 Red Martian Princess)

I think I'll go back to my older style of painting...

SF9 Green Martian Warrior

Size comparison between the two...

The White Ape, Martian Lion and Treeman in all their ferocious splendour!

The Green Martian Horde!

All the humanoid Martian types...

The full range barring the aforementioned SF6 and the unreleased SF15 Martian Dog...

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We wish you a happy new year and above all to recover your health soon!

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Happy New Year!
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