Wednesday 21 March 2012

Superior Models Inc Warrior of the Red Planet

As it says on the tin....I am trying to get hold of an old 75mm Ray Lamb sculpt that I could have sworn I already had......only pic I have is a little poor I'm afraid....

If you do happen to have a copy to trade please let me know (email on the left of the blog) - if not for trade a decent pic would be great. I have a Princess of Mars figure but it isn't the one above.....haven't found a pic of it yet but I'm sure I will do if I manage to locate my Superior Models flyers hidden somewhere in the maelstrom of my hobby area.......then of course it won't be the figure I want it to be.

In case you didn't know in the 70s TSR released a set of rules for gaming warfare in Barsoom.......I do remember seeing a copy in the early 80s when I visited the Hinchliffe Models factory shop but didn't pick it up. Last copy on ebay went for about $900.......

Post script to this post (can I say that???)...............the Princess of Mars figure I have is actually FA07 Freyja, Queen of can almost understand my error (insert various expletives here please at your leisure). I am therefore after both of the figures at the top. Grrrrrrr....... are a couple of pics from the Grenadier Gamma World range that were, in a previous incarnation, John Carter of Mars minis......until Grenadier realised they had to pay a licence fee........I am chasing these so please send me your spares :)

G9 Knights of Purity C.A.

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hcccc said...

I have about 20 different SUPERIOR MODELS INC figures that were from my grandfathers collection. I would like to sell them if anyone is interested in buying all of them as a whole or individually. Please email me at for photos. Thank you.