Thursday 1 March 2012

Games Workshop Display Piece...........

In April 1978 Games Workshop opened their first shop in Dalling Road, Hammersmith, London. I visited the store the following year after being rescued by my Uncle Peter having tried very unsuccessfully to hitch back from Reading was a joy to behold and I remember getting a few Minifigs Valley of the Four Winds figures......that was my budget blown. The displays of Archive and Der Kriegspielers were very tempting however totally outside my finances......they having been subbed by my Uncle at the request of my dad. God Bless you Uncle Pete....I hope you got it all back.

A few years ago I managed to pick up what is apparently a display piece from Dalling Road - slightly out of focus pictures unfortunately - our camera has died so I cannot retake them for the time being - this is a hefty pieces about 5" tall and cast, not a one off sculpt which makes it all the more mysterious. It is very Cthulhuesque but no markings anywhere - I keep being tempted to strip it to check if anything has been painted over.......if anyone has any knowledge of this piece please let me know!

As as note on this a couple of Frothers and LAF members have id'd this as a Heroes Miniatures GH50 The Ultimate will be posted once I have a new camera!

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