Thursday 6 June 2013

Little Wars Magazine Ads and other bits.....

I am now missing just 2 Little Wars Magazines - Volumes 1 and 2, number 3. Please email me if you have them spare or know anyone who does! These are all from the late 70s.

An interesting ripping apart of the UK micro scale armour scene by then managing editor Mr T.J Kask.......unfortunately I agree with the comments! Contacting companies in those days was an interesting feat of endurance......

Pics under the ads of the very few I have of my own.

Never seen any of these in the flesh and am not sure who the designer was.....possibly George Freeman but I could be a long way off.

Most of these ancients, if not all, are now available again from Iron Wind Metals .....standing the test of time after 35 years.

 Classic Jack Scruby ad....

I didn't even know John McEwan had done cowboys!

I picked up these old minis a while back. Firedraek Exotic Miniatures, manufactured by Classic Miniatures of Nevada. I did see a small review ad in an old issue of Fantasy Modelling in the 80s but have no other information about the line at all. Help!

ELD-1 Jharud Nir Centaur

ELD-2 Gurathi Minotaur

....and joy of joys I have managed to track down the old Archive Miniatures Yosemite Sam the Samurai Dwarf. He came packaged with Conan the Duck.....

Slight mis cast on his wakizashi (the smaller of the two swords carried by these old Japanese Knights) so I have now mixed putty and applied with trepidation......pic from before the putty.

Archive did a nice range of Runequest minis which I assume is where the duck references came from....

Small WIP update on the Heresy Miniatures conversion of their Sharclon Trooper to a Medieval much more stuff on the painting table.....

Also came across an oldish blister for Zap Designs...designed by Paul Henni. I believe these are still available from The Baggage Train but a lack of photos has kept me away for now. I have had some nice alien type er...well, aliens from him under the blisters.....must dig them out and well....look at them some more. They were distributed by Fantasy Forge who went bankrupt then rose from the ashes then went bankrupt etc. Not 100% sure where the Zap minis are if not at TBT.

Edit - had an email off Stephen Oates who runs The Baggage Train;

Yep these are mine, I think I also have all the  old Zap range too. Yes I must make time and get some photo's done for my site. Will you be going to phalanx? I will have them with me.

Phalanx show is on Saturday 15th June at the Sutton Community Centre in St Helens, UK. Contact Stephen directly with queries via his website but please mention my name as I am trying to promote them a little!

Finally a bargain Gormeti 3D Puzzle toy from Home Bargains here in the UK. £1 for a plastic kit and box - the box looks great for VSF / Pulp jungle ruins etc. The figure possibly for superhero gaming??? Anyway, there are a few variants and I am told the Pound Shop also has them. 

As always;


Steve Casey said...

Those centaur types are nice Dave, I bet they paint up well.

Knicksen said...

Hi Dave,

You might want to have a look at this blog post on what I did in the past. It has links to my Flickr Sets for Acropolis, Zap! and my collection. You on the Yahoo Collecting Citadel Miniatures Group?


David Wood said...

Thanks for that Paul - great blog and knowledge filler!