Friday 12 July 2013

Dragontooth City of Magic II - King Niflung's Throne Hall

In the early 80s Tom Loback's General Artworks or Dragontooth Inc released a series of dioramas based around a City of Magic. Designed by Tom Loback and Stephen Tofano, they produced 'limited' runs of 500 or 1000 collectors versions - still not sure what the difference was to the general release version (if there was one) unless it was the inclusion of the certificate which appears most likely. They appear on ebay etc occasionally either boxed or shrink wrap card. 

The Magic Shop
The Dwarf Armory
Ye Blind Cyclops Inn
Tomb of the Dwarf King
King Niflung's Throne Hall

A few years later an English company, Shot Tower Studios, released a few diorama sets along the same lines. Short lived but very nice old school designs by Tim to some of my pics on the Lost Minis WIKI here.

Anyway, on to some pics taken off ebay...I tried to contact the seller but was unable to get hold of them. If he (or she) happens along and wants them removed I will do so. If anyone knows the buyer send them my way as I would love some updated pics!

I am still looking for this set and will trade first born etc. 

Link to my 'Ye Blind Cyclops Inn' post here.


Frank said...

The holy Grail.

David Wood said...

Definitely Frank. At least this is proof they do occasionally surface!