Tuesday 2 July 2013

Thane Tostig Quest II - versus the might of Merlin!

February 1978......a great time for minis. Barry Minot got around to releasing the 2nd quest for that itinerant Saxon Thane Tostig and his band of merry men (woman and dog)....I'm not aware of a ruleset ever being produced but if anyone knows differently please let me know...

'Necromancer' never saw the light of day if it was related to Thane Tostig...many years later (well, 5 or 6 maybe a few more...must check....) he released a short-lived Victorian horror range.......still waiting to find any examples of these...grrrrrrr. Help! I've listed the range on the Lost Minis WIKI here. Below are a few examples from the 2nd quest range from my collection. At the bottom a tantalising glimpse of the Golden Warrior himself....Talis!

Talis himself!

Barry also did historical..........

Oh, and a link to my first Thane Tostig article here.


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Knix Knox said...

I have alongside Valley of the 4 Winds, and City of Magic, been a fan of Minots work as much as Mr . Lobacks , just in a different way as his work has come to film ( Raiders of the Lost Ark, Dark Crystal ), and something I like but do not collect, military minatures. I have not seen the rules for the Tostig range until now. I own quite a few of his miniatures but am haveing a hard time filling in his Pendragon years. Thanks for the info, hope to find more on ranges and rules. Knix Knox