Wednesday 24 July 2013

Empire of the Petal Throne - Palanquin set with Priest of Ksárul carried by Qól

I was lucky enough to be sent a horde of Qól by Howard Fielding of The Tékumel Project . I have spent the last couple of days' spare moments putting together and basing the Palanquin set - it comes with a choice of Priest or Priestess of Ksárul....for more information there is also the Tékumel Foundation.

When putting this together I decided to use the male Priest of Ksárul and ended up filing down the arms of the throne to allow a more comfortable and natural looking positioning. The Priestess sits a lot better but I er......well, wanted the Priest. Having cleaned up the throne I drilled out the pole holes and glued the poles in position, I then placed the cleaned up Qól bearers in place on the base (2 X GW monster bases as I had run out of their chariot bases). Once I was happy with the positioning I dropped superglue gently on to poles and the bases. Slightly tricky but the end effect works fine....I had tried positioning them individually and it had been a nightmare of juggling and profanities. The Priestess is a nice figure and obviously in conversation with the Priest as they are leaning towards each other......just need another palanquin for that as my initial idea of having them both on the piece didn't quite sit right....every pun intended.

If using the Priestess then the arms do not need filing down as shown here...............


Albatross said...

Cool! I'll look forward to seeing it if you paint it!

chirine ba kal said...

Looking good! I got two of these, one for each human figure, and they look really good sitting next to each other as if the cleric are talking to each other.

I also modified one each of the clerics to hold the Temple of Ksarul staff you get in the Qol personalities set, so that I have one with and with out staff for each.

The funny thing, for us, is that the Priestess looks just like one of our players, Nonnie, who plays - you guessed it! a Priestess of Ksarul.

yours, Chirine

phf said...

Foot versions of priest and priestess are pending, along with a Qól Magister to ride in palanquin.