Friday 10 January 2014

Army Service Corps September grandfather, God bless him.

A bit of a departure from the norm however I was given this postcard some years back by my mother. I know very little of my grandfather's service days as, like so many other questions, they never got asked before he passed away from cancer 30 years ago. Ewart Roberts, you live on in so many memories, one being Xmas presents consisting of boxes of Airfix Napoleonic figures and another being taken to see 'The Towering Inferno' back in 1974. Still miss you Grampa.


Springinsfeld said...

A touching post Dave. My own Grandad was in the Machine Gun Corps at 17 and died when I was six months old (hardly any lungs left from the effects of gas)but I still have his helmet, gongs and citation for the MSM .

David Wood said...

You're lucky, I wish I had more keepsakes of his.