Saturday 11 January 2014

Minifigs Volkssturm and Pulp vehicles plus Maggie T WIP.....

Those nice people over at Minifigs have sneakily released 6 Volkssturm which I found whilst browsing their site the other order put in and a swift arrival later......

VOLK01 Volkssturmmann, civilian dress, wide-brim hat and spectacles standing ready with Mosin-Nagant rifle

VOLK02 Aged Volkssturmmann wearing his old WW1 uniform and stahlhelm, advancing with Mauser Gewehr 98

VOLK03 Volkssturmmann, civilian dress, flat hat and scarf, standing ready with MP-1008

VOLK04 Old Volkssturmmann, civilian dress, uniform cap, kneeling with Panzerfaust

VOLK05 Hitler Youth in HJ attire, shouting with slung shotgun and holding 'Potato Masher' at the ready

VOLK06 Angry Woman firing Volkssturmgewehr 1-5

All available here at £1.45 a pop (or random 4 for £5) so a good price as well.

Good website here for more historical info......

I also picked up one of the old Aureolo Rococo re-releases 'AR13 Women Warrior leaning on spear' that I have been after for years.....forgot it was one I was after! She is available here.

They have also picked up the PMC line of resin Pulp vehicles....only a couple of pics up on the site so far but well worth checking out for all your interwar splendor.....note to Dave at Caliver...more pics please......36 releases in this range...check the listings here.

 Also, last but not 'still lots to do' painting WIP of the soon-to-be-released DTB2 Evil Female Duergar.....

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Unknown said...

Like the Armour tank, must get a couple :) and just love the Maggie figure .

keep up the blog :)