Monday 3 February 2014

Citadel FF49 Giant Spider - Spacefarers variant?

Back in January 2007 I added a new page to the Collecting Citadel Miniatures WIKI - 'Fantasy Adventurers remodelled for SF'. As Stunties is to Dwarves, the CCM WIKI is to Citadel miniatures. This page is a record of Citadel FA adventurers converted to, we believe, Sci Fi versions in order to playtest early versions of Rogue Trader or, as it was to become, Warhammer 40K. In the 80s I passed up the chance to pick up a bag of these miniatures on a Bring & Buy stall at Sheffield Triples....I thought they were someone's own conversions and, as such, of little interest to myself. How wrong was I! On the page above there are 16 versions of various sculpts - most from Bryan Ansell's own collection courtesy of that lead God Steve Casey.....jealousy at his access to the legend's collection is still being held back by my psychiatrist.... I recently picked up this unknown spider sculpt that I wanted to identify (that being a large aspect of my love of the hobby) and I am now wondering if it was from this period / below....comments appreciated.

Until I got it I was unsure of the actual size which matches pretty darned well...

It is the underside that makes me think it may be one....looking at the leg areas in the centre just below the head....

And a quick pic of my current 'active' WIPs. A mix of Minifigs, that legend Tony Yates, Citadel (including 2 fishmen from the above discussed range), Heritage, Warploque and my own blog minis. Some of these have been WIPs since the 70s.....insert embarrassed grin.

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David Wood said...

Just got a reply off Alan Perry;

Hello Dave
I'm afraid I can't remember anything about the spider, in either of it's forms. The conversion could have been done by Bryan, he did do that on occasions, but really can't was quite a while ago :o)
Good luck

PaulofCthulhu said...

Regarding early Games Workshop, I thought you might find the following video interview with Ian Livingstone about "Owl & Weasel" potentially interesting.

David Wood said...

Brilliant, thanks Paul.

PaulofCthulhu said...

You're most welcome.

I very much enjoy your blog and have fond memories of going into Manchester (Arndale) Games Workshop far too regularly.

I always marvelled at the wonderful illuminated display cabinets on the wall, full of painted minis and the fun of going through the fishing tackle draws to find Citadel FS28 etc. ;-)

David Wood said...

We probably met up at some point as I worked there for a couple of years over that period. Those tackle draws sit full of old lead in my bedroom to this day!