Saturday, 8 March 2014

Blog minis for sale!

All now available here;

Bern, Socialist Lord of Change

Corbyn, Bringer of Equality

Merkel, Opener of Gateways

Teresa, Infernal Voice of Confusion

Gaddo, Despoiler of Realms

Kim Do, Inference of Might

Sad Do, Deserted Warrior

Donald, Lord of Covfefe

Hilary, Angel of Surety

DTB7 - Leaders of the 'Almost' Free World.....£24.95 for the 5 (plus postage).

Bob Olley, that sculpting God and Pete Brown, the casting maestro of The Mouldmaker have done me proud. It is my hobby and I am so pleased to be able to put miniatures into it at last...after nigh on 43 years of collecting soldiers of one form or another. 

The figures are not designed for standard slottas and do not come with any - if using them with a slotta you will need to cut away some of the plastic base as the tabs are quite deep. Clipping the tab and drilling & pinning the figure to a resin base (such as the Fenris Games cobblestone base below) is probably the best way of presenting them if you are so inclined! You may also need to clean some mold lines / flash etc.

Now available, DTB6, The Political Parody Party. A set of the first 5 minis with a bonus party pig's head......£24.95 plus postage. None of the full set card left so it will be individual minis sent.....

DTB1 Tony, Evil Duergar Dwarf Princeling

DTB2 Mags, Evil Duergar Dwarf Queen of the Damned

The above pics are courtesy of Boki Gromdal, that Dwarven David Bailey over at Stunties

DTB 3, Putin, Lord Of all He Surveys

DTB 4, Prince Obama, Resolute in Despair

DTB 5, Underking David, Pursuant of Charm

In times of political upheaval and pressure, there's nothing like a Party Political Pig to get you through the mess.......only available as part of the full set for now....

All from the talented hands of Bob Olley, cast by Pete Brown of The Mouldmaker and painted by the wonderful Paul Sanderson..........

All the world's a stage and we are but.......

DTB 3, Putin, Lord Of all He Surveys.. DTB 4, Prince Obama, Resolute in Despair and DTB 5, Underking David, Pursuant of Charm...

And now my own painted examples of previous releases...........I was thinking of excuses but I'm sure you can make your


and not forgetting.....The Political Party Pig painted by Paul of 'Here Be Goblins'

Pete creating the master mould from Bob's sculpts...

and then using master castings for the production mould.....

The figures are (GBP) £4.95 each. Post & packing (however many are ordered); £1.50 UK, £3.75 Europe / Overseas. These are via the UK Post Office site, standard international economy (which can take a while). If you want faster or tracked please ask for a quote or check

As this is a hobby I am always open to trading for other minis.......I just can't help it....

Usual disclaimers apply...these miniatures contain lead......they are not suitable for young children or babies, should not be eaten etc.

Please contact me on for other, cheque, Paypal payment, first born etc.

More pics of the miniature progress here.

Painted Minis!

15/07/2019 A new bunch painted by Phil Norden, keep them coming!

Carsten of Clamshells and Sea Horses has been busy again........Underking David, Pursuant of Charm and his Demonic Familiar.......lots more pics and background on his blog link above....

No introduction needed......courtesy of Carsten of Clamshells and Sea Horses

Team America by Mikko.

Cameroon and Vlad courtesy of Mikko.

More pics here.

3 more dictators courtesy of Mikko.

More pics here.

A painted Mags and Tony courtesy of Mikko Kurki-Suonio

His gaming site is here.

Chris Betteridge sent me his Mags and Tony. He also sent a few pics of other political parodies by other dare they..... ūüėä

Carsten at Clamshells & Seahorses has done Maggie proud!
(check his Derek the troll below as well)

Andy Hides has been at it again!

Baron Samedi

David Hameron and his familiar, Pigwig

Pastor Blair

Vlad the Insufficient

Leaders of the New World Order.....

By Dags of Frothers fame.....

Derek the Troll and Mags painted by my good hobby mate Andy Hides...

Derek by the inestimable Frank Weaver.....

Derek painted by another good hobby mate, Carsten. His blog post here. Also check his wonderful blog and John Pickford commissioned sculpts here.

Send me pics and I'll post them here!


Springinsfeld said...

Well done!!!!!!!!!!! Great figures and painting/

nudspinespittle said...

Love the Joker! Funny how natural that came out...

Mark Hides said...

These lovely little gems are sitting here in my studio awaiting a little 'me' time.

Excellent stuff, Dave!

David Wood said...

Looking forward to seeing a proper paint job Mark!

gOto said...

Arrived yesterday at my home, hope I can start painting this week. Amazing minis, really like it!!!

David Wood said...

Let's see the painted pics please and I'll post them up.