Tuesday 11 March 2014

Bob Olley's Victorian Scrunts Kickstarter

Yay! Christmas has come early. My rewards from the Olley's Armies Kickstarter arrived this morning so I thought I would share some pics. Lovely sculpts and castings as always from the Maestro and his Missus.

Set 5 "Victorian Scrunt Thugs"

Set 4 "At the Cockfight"

Various head sets and some freebies :)

Steampunk Tank Type 1

Queen Victoria and Ratter. Be careful when getting Queen Victoria out as I broke her top of her steam chimney crown in my haste....grrrrr. Silly mistake and all my own fault. 

And of course, Queen Victoria gets to meet that other Bob Olley sculpt, Mags, Evil Duergar Queen of the Damned. 

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