Sunday 20 April 2014

Asgard Miniatures' Gunfighters by Bryan Ansell

Way back in the dawn of time (mid 70's) Bryan Ansell ran Asgard Miniatures and sculpted a set of cowboy types. Lovely old school stuff that needs to be seen. I was in contact with him some years back when he was looking for a set but, by the time I found them, he had already got them.......helps to be connected! Anyway, I was fortunate to pick up another set recently so thought I should post them. They went under the obvious title of 'Gunfighters'.

W1 Doc Holliday

W2 Wyatt Earp

W3 Buffalo Bill

W4 Butch Cassidy

W5 Sundance Kid

W6 'The Hired Gun'

W7 Fat Manuel Mexican Bandit

Bryan's son, Marcus, now runs Wargames Foundry and, as discussed previously, they are in the middle of a big move to better climes, so to speak. Looking forward to popping over at some point to say hi.

The pics are already up on the Lost Minis WIKI for another shot at Asgard posterity. Always worth looking at the listings there for a look at gaming miniature history.


xredmenacex said...

Fun group of figures. I had never seen these before, so thanks for posting them.

Herr Zinnling said...


Unknown said...

These look so familiar I think they may even have been mine some 40 years back, if not mine were very, very similar (bad) enamel paint job, when I was around 11/12.