Thursday 3 April 2014

Dragontooth Miniatures - P12 Rictus, the Zombie King

Many years before Citadel brought in the LotR and AD&D concept of a blister containing a mounted and foot version of a particular character, Tom Loback, that God of old school sculpting, was doing exactly the same......the Personalities range contained 51 codes, of which most were this sort of double pack. I am missing 4 of them which are listed at the bottom just in case anyone happens to come across them.....I believe the company started around 1977 as Tom Loback's General Artworks before eventually becoming DragonTooth Inc. Tom sculpted by painting liquid wax around armatures and then had them cast using the old lost wax method resulting in bronze masters that then went for spin molding. What I wouldn't give to meet up with those bronze pieces and take a few pics......

I picked up a few pieces courtesy of an American friend recently and just had to paint Rictus.....

Lovely old school packaging that really helped, mostly, to protect the minis.

Early catalogue listing.....

My wants from this particular line are;

P42    Elfin Thief, or Adventurer
P43    Celtic Wizard
P48    Celtic Warrior Prince
P50    Dwarf Warrior in Chainmail

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Springinsfeld said...

Great painting of a lovely old figure. Good luck finding the missing ones.