Wednesday 18 June 2014

Minifigs Gunfighters - approx 1978 but to be confirmed....

Fresh out of the dettol bath they have been in for 4 or more weeks....Minifigs (or Miniature Figurines) now belong to the benevolent Dave Ryan over at Caliver Books. Not sure if these will see production again (he is still looking through molds) but they are a sight for sore eyes as I never picked them up back in the day. I have fond memories of seeing the sleeping Mexican in an old Military Modelling at the time. Still a little white undercoat hanging on some but pretty pristine otherwise. I hope to update once I have found a listing as they are not in any of my old Minifigs catalogues....time to peruse old magazines methinks (edit 20th June thanks Paul!). I posted the Asgard cowboys by Bryan Ansell recently here and have also come across a 'wild' bunch (sorry) that I believe to be Bryan's earlier sculpts for Conquest Miniatures which, once cleaned up, I will post up.

GF1 Professional Two Gun Killer

GF2 Gunman

GF3 Gambler

GF4 Sheriff

GF5 Drunk

GF6 Cowboy

GF7 Mexican (Siesta)

GF8 Doctor

GF9 Halfbreed

GF10 Bartender Shotgun

GF11 Saloon Girl

GF12 Church Lady

and the catalogue page they came from;

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