Tuesday 16 June 2015

Tom Meier interviewed by Iron Wind Metals......

One of the sculpting Gods of this hobby......Tom chats about his early days....if you follow the You Tube link here there are more Iron Wind Metals videos....what a place to work!

I remember seeing Tom's work when Wargames Publication (Scotland) Ltd first imported the Ral Partha line into the UK back in the 70s. 50p each - a fortune at the time but oh so 'wow' factor. Still got these old pieces, lovely soft lead.

(Edit 25/02/2022) - loads of Tom's sculpts are being re-released by Jacob Fathbruckner through Ral Partha Legacy  

I had to pull out of the earlier Iron Wind Metals Kickstarter due to the divorce and the expense of buying a new house but will certainly be picking up a bunch of these releases at some point!

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Springinsfeld said...

What great news that Ral Partha is relaunching. I have been wanting to build a CS Elf army since first time round but the though of trying to clean Tom's figures of secondhand paint filled me with dread. I shall certainly be stocking up on the basic infantry poses. The battle scene on the new website is great isn't it....so old school.