Friday 9 October 2015

Minifigs Sword & Sorcery - the 70s revisited

As a continuation in my search for lost lead here is the Minifigs Sword & Sorcery foot range sculpted by the late Dick Higgs. Where there is no picture then I need it! Further photos can be seen on the Lost Minis WIKI here. A lot of the range had earlier names however they were found to be copyrighted... as per the Conan series... 

SS1 Vampire Girl

SS2 Reptilian

SS3 Reptilian

SS4 Warrior Princess

SS5 Skeleton Warrior

SS6 Frost Giant's Daughter

SS7 Frost Giant

SS8 Vanaheim Spearman

SS9 Vanaheim Swordsman

SS10 Vanaheim Archer

SS11 Witch of the Mists

SS12 Faceless Man

SS13 Faceless Man

SS14 Shemite Spearman

SS15 Shemite Officer

SS16 Cimmerian Chieftain (broken axe)

SS17 Cimmerian Spearman

SS18 Cimmerian Swordsman

SS19 Black Amazon

SS20 Pirate

SS21 Great White Ape

SS22 Stygian Magician

SS23 Zamporan Archer

SS24 Zamporan Spearman

SS25 Zamporan Swordsman

SS26 Zamporan Chieftan

 SS27 Zamporan Town Guard

SS28 Kushite Spearman

SS29 Kushite Officer

SS30 Stygian Wizard

SS31 Stygian Bowman

SS32 Marching Longbowman

SS33 Marching Officer

SS34 Border Pikeman

SS35 Border Officer

SS36 Border Standard Bearer

SS37 Black Dragoon with Halberd

SS38 Ghoul

SS39 Mid-Western Crossbowman

SS40 Mid-Western Officer

SS41 Mid-Western Spearman

SS42 Mid-Western Swordsman

SS43 Native Spearman

SS44 Native Javelinman

SS45 Native Chief

SS46 Giant Serpent

SS47 Slimeman

SS48 Cyclops

SS49 Gargoyle

SS50 Pict Light Infantry

SS51 Pict Archer

SS52 Pict Wizard

SS53 Pict War Chief

SS54 Hyrkranian Bowman

SS55 Hyrkranian Spearman

SS56 Hyrkranian Chieftan

SS57 Khojan Archer

SS58 Khojan Spearman

SS59 Khojan Swordsman

SS60 Khojan Chief

SS61 Ogre

SS62 Vandan Spearman

SS63 Vandan Archer

SS64 Vandan Officer

SS65 Vandan Standard Bearer

SS66 Western Wizard

SS67 Eastern Wizard

SS68 Amazon Bow Woman

SS69 Amazon Spear Woman

SS70 Giant Crab

Wouldn't mind a decent copy of this one....

SS71 Wyvern

I do have this however can't find where I've hidden it!

SS72 Hippogriff

SS73 Mummy

SS74 Gorgon

SS75 Medusa

SS76 Hydra

SS77 Eastern Spearman

SS78 Eastern Swordsman

SS79 Eastern Officer

SS80 Winged Man

SS81 Zamporan Tavern Keeper

SS82 Zamporan Civilian – Seated

SS83 Zamporan Civilian

SS84 Zamporan Noble

SS85 Zamporan Slave/Civilian

SS86 Zamporan Wench – Seated

SS87 Zamporan Thief

SS88 Tavern Table

SS89 Tavern Bench & Stool

SS90 Tavern Accessories

I have some of these however would like an original set if possible!

Link to my wants list;

I have loads to trade, both this range and others. Let me know!


Sun of York said...

I have one or two from this range on my to paint or repaint lead mountain range.

shadowking said...

I believe i bought most of those wonders so impressed, I remember i saw the list in a military modelling and went crazy! god im old! fantastic to see again

Anonymous said...

Busy building up some forces and do what I could not do as a youngster in the 70s, which is why I just had the odd few figures, I am now building 12 Inf and 6 Cav figure units. Have a look at my Tales from the Wargames Shed page. They are simplistic but have a certain charm.

David Wood said...

Some nice forces there! I've 'liked' your page so should hopefully keep up to date.