Sunday 5 June 2016

Thomas' Tin Soldiers; 54th Massachusetts Collection for sale (Tom Loback sculpts)

I was contacted recently about the sale of a small collection of Tom Loback's old American Civil War toy soldiers. This is a section of the hobby I have never dabbled in due to the general costs......come the lottery win I will jump in feet first of course......photographs of the collections are below and if anyone in interested please contact me via the normal email and I'll pass your details along. I have no connection to the sale, just want to see it passed along to a willing hobbyist. 14 pieces in total; soldiers, some fife and drummers and Colonel Gould on his horse. All are in their original boxes.

More Tomtins posts here and, whilst I'm at it, here is the fuller catalogue listing that Tom sent me some while back. Still missed and never forgotten.

Comments or contacts;


Tim Gow said...

Nice! And I have some ACW action planned in that scale. I'd better not ask how much they are.....

Springinsfeld said...

Likewise. I'll stick to 54mm plastics for the ACW. Nice little lot though.