Friday 28 July 2017

Bring Out Your Lead!

Courtesy of those wonderful folks at Wargames Foundry, for the first time I am travelling along to a weekend of Oldhammer in East Stoke, Newark. 


The fifth Oldhammer: Bring Out Your Lead! event is fast approaching and will be held at our shop in East Stoke near Newark, Nottinghamshire on the 28th, 29th and 30th of July.

"BRING OUT YOUR LEAD is the annual gaming event that brings together the best of the tabletop retrogaming community.

There will be demo games, participation games, a spectacular amount of vintage fantasy and science fiction miniatures on display, old-school gaming paraphernalia, great beer and much more.

The event is open to casual moochers, as well as the hardcore Oldhammer fanatic, so feel free to drop in and see what’s going on.

…And, whilst the event is all about celebrating old games and old figures – any and all games and figures are welcome"

There is even a show mini...a 40K Imperial Guardette....sculpted by the inimitable John Pickford... 

All pics above c/o of the BOYL and used purely for the purpose of pushing people into the joy of old lead.

As most know, I am not a gamer....merely a hoarder of dusty lead. Back in the 70s and very occasionally the early 80s, I played D&D and Warhammer. That was my lot. The Lead God called and I was willing. I am hoping to spend some time with various luminaries such as Tony Yates, Steve Casey, Kev Adams, Tony Ackland, Bryan (and Marcus) Ansell and to finally meet up with the Oldhammerers from across the hobby......

Car parked up in the grounds.....middle of nowhere, what's not to love.....

Various cabinet pics of drool-worthy painted legends....

Bryan and Maria Ansell photobombing my shot :)

40K Inquisition style vehicles, scratch built and not released unfortunately....

Slann on Cold Ones painted by the great Kev Adams....he came along on Saturday to sculpt heads for people at a bargain price of £10 for charity. I'll post pics later. A visitor was chatting away slightly confused, I gently pointed out this was Kev Adams and his jaw hit the ground as he hadn't realised. He will be bringing models on Sunday for Kev to put a head on!

I was speaking all day with Tony Ackland however only took one pic of the artwork he brought along! This firearm was created using an airbrush...

Various pics from the display cabinets. Maria and Marcus have spent days organising these lovingly so we can drool to our hearts' content.....first 3 pics are a bunch of (very) old sculpts mostly by Tony Yates from back in the day for playtesting Rogue Trader rules.....Steve Casey generously presented me with a bunch of old Citadel baggies containing some of these but I thought them better placed with Foundry so passed them over to Marcus and Mariah. 

Miniatures that Marcus has cast up for the show, some re-released old Citadel/Foundry, some unreleased Citadel and some of the maestro Tony Yates' sculpts.

Today's loose loot.

Yay! My own copy of the event mini.

Freebie resin mini courtesy of Curtis Fell, the mad genius behind Ramshackle Games. The character is a mayor in a scenario game at BOYL.

Pics below later :)


Phil Curran said...

Not jealous at all.

David Wood said...

It was a great day Phil. I spent most of it talking to both Bryan and Marcus Ansell along with Tony Ackland. I'll hopefully update the post properly tomorrow or Sunday as the internet connection at the hotel is really poor.