Thursday 26 July 2018

Phoenix Models - risen from the flames so to speak......

Well, I just picked up a couple of Phoenix Miniatures larger scale 'Bolgs'. Two of the A17 Female Bolg to be exact. I then did a search and found that Forty-Third Limited have re-released the full range along with a lot of the 1/43 railway items. I remember well the excitement of seeing this range develop back in the day although it was mostly out of my price range. I've since got quite a few and they really are most excellent sculpts by the late Tim Richards.

 Phoenix Model Developments themselves are still going strong of course although they concentrate of doll's house items these days although still superbly sculpted ones. There's a little bit of their history here.


Also, for those into the old 'Follies' range, they are available here!

Tell them I sent you!

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